The Larte Design Tesla Model S May Be The First Properly Tuned Electric Car Ever

Published May 11, 2015

Having your car revealed at an event such as the Top Marques Monaco and presented by no other than the Prince Albert of Monaco, must have been an honour beyond any other for the Larte Design who specially made, developed and introduced an all new tuning package for the world’s favourite electric car – the Tesla Model S. The car itself is a 2015 Tesla Model S P85D (this strange name started to sound good lately, did you notice the same?) with a rather special design enhancements even Prince Albert tends to like a lot.


“It was an honor for me and the company that Prince Albert presented our project. And you could see that he was sincerely impressed by the design and the novelties introduced by our company,” said General Director of LARTE Design Alexey Yanovskiy.


Tuning the Tesla Model S (even the cheapest  one)  isn’t like a regular tune you might have done to your own petrol powered car. Everything is new about it, including all the elements such as fenders, bumpers, wheels and all other stuff, so to make the modification worthwhile, the engineers really have to dig deep and find out all appropriate things that can be done to improve the car. Actually, the Tesla Model S is a magnificent car when coming out of the factory so additional aerodynamic components on it just might spoil all the things the Musk team has done right. The Larte Design certainly knew that the risk definitely wasn’t absent, so they’ve went berserk on it.


The Larte Design Tesla Model S is quite different from your usual Tesla. The design of the newly built bodykit accentuates the aggressiveness of the car without even making the car use different lights. A larger front grill is integrated, additional intakes up front are something you don’t really need on a Tesla, but they look rather nice and sporty. Additional changes include forged 22-inch wheels and a newly developed rear bumper. All of this should cost a ton of money, but when you learn that Larte Design used the latest materials available to create such a striking bodykit, its dollar value becomes much, much bigger.


Using some kind of a Basalt fiber (apparently a very durable material made from melting volcanic rock) Larte created front and back bumpers and fenders thus ensuring top grade quality of their build. It seems that Basalt fibers (probably mixed with carbon fibers) are actually better than CFRP all by itself. Official data tell us that the whole basalt fiber bodykit weighs only 28 lbs. That is astonishing. What’s more, the material is absolutely salt resistant, vibration resistant and can endure a lot of heat punishment. Larte Design officials went so far and actually said that Basalt fiber is the future and their car will prove it.


The modification is obviously done the proper way as the car was revealed at one of the most important events in the world of rich and famous. The improvements to the exterior are not the only ones. The interior also received some special detailing, but the real deal should be lurking under the metal. Though Larte Design did not reveal any specifics about the engine modifications they are looking to make, they’ve definitely made some bald claims. Larte Design want to increase the power of the engines to 900 HP (up from stock 691 HP) but to retain the electric consumption at the level of the stock Tesla Model S.

How are they going to do it is unknown, but all we can say is that we can hardly wait for the first tuner who will tune the electric car properly. Up until this moment they haven’t had any luck with that.


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