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The Lazareth LM847 – Powered By A Maserati V8

Putting a Maserati V8 engine in a motorcycle is as good as it sounds.

Updated August 10, 2018

Okay, I suppose it’s technically what’s called a “leaning quad” rather than a motorcycle, but we’ve posted some similar stuff before, and you guys let me get away with it. Recently displayed at the Geneva Auto Show, the Lazareth LM847 is a beast of a machine, powered by a furious Maserati V8 engine.

Lazareth Maserati Motorcycle - 1 Lazareth Maserati Motorcycle - 2

The Lazareth LM847: A Maserati V8 Powered Motorcycle

The French company Lazareth have built some crazy things in the past, from a Ferrari powered Wazuma quad bike, to a Renault Twingo with a Range Rover V8 slapped in the back, but now they’ve taken their unique talents to the motorcycle word – sure, it’s a four wheeled motorcycle, but it still counts. It might be similar in style to the V10 Dodge Tomahawk, but this is a different machine altogether. In short: it’s a Maserati motorcycle.

Lazareth Maserati Motorcycle - 3 Lazareth Maserati Motorcycle - 4

Down to business though: eagle eyed car fans will notice that the engine is a 4.7 liter V8, more often found at home in a Quattroporte or an Alfa Romeo 8C, than in a motorcycle, that kick’s out 470 hp and a staggering 457 lb – ft of torque. All of this has been re-worked through a single speed hydraulic coupling, rather than your usual gearbox arrangement. Effectively, it’s the most adult twist and go there is.

Lazareth Maserati Motorcycle - 5 Lazareth Maserati Motorcycle - 6

And what’s more, it actually looks pretty sporty. Unlike a lot of these engine swap machines that you see around the net, it looks like it could actually do some damage on the track, if you were fool enough to have a ride on one. However, if you’ve still got the desire to ride a V8 Maserati motorcycle after looking at these pictures, we recommend you check out this more suitable machine instead…but the exhaust isn’t nearly as stunning as the system on this bad boy.
Lazareth Maserati Motorcycle - 7


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