The Legendary Hertz Rent-A-Racer Program Is Being Revived With the 2016 Shelby GT-H

The Hertz Rent-A-Racer Program Is Back!

Updated October 3, 2018

In 1966 when muscle cars were all the rage, Shelby and Hertz rent-a-car produced a special line of Shelby G.T. 350s that were available for rent.  To commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the legendary ‘rent-a-racer’ program, Shelby American, Ford Motor Company and Hertz Rent-A-Car released the 2016 Shelby GT-H at the New York International Auto Show

Hertz Rent-A-Racer Shelby GT-H 1

Like its first generation predecessor, the Shelby GT-H is a performance modified Ford Mustang GT that will be available for rent through Hertz rent-a-car at select airport locations in throughout the United States.  A total of 140 Shelby GT-Hs will wear the same black exterior paint with gold racing stripe that have been a hallmark of Hertz vehicles dating back to the 1920s.

Hertz Rent-A-Racer Shelby GT-H 2

According to Doug White, Ford Performance Parts Manager, the 2016 Shelby GT-H will have sharpened handling, more power, a sweetened exhaust note and distinctive Hertz styling.

Hertz Rent-A-Racer Shelby GT-H 3

Handling is addressed in the Shelby GT-H with the Ford Racing Handling Pack that includes special-tuned dampers, lowering springs, sway bars and a staggered wheel kit.  The vehicle rides on 19-inch aluminum wheels wrapped in high performance Michelin tires.

Hertz Rent-A-Racer Shelby GT-H 4

The heart of the Shelby GT-H is the 435 horsepower 5.0 Liter V8 engine powering the Ford Mustang GT.  A special cat-back exhaust system will give the vehicle a deep throaty exhaust sound that is sure to become a hallmark of the limited edition Shelby.

Hertz Rent-A-Racer Shelby GT-H 5

Exterior appointments that will identify the 2016 Shelby GT-H will be a carbon fiber front splitter, a polycarbonate hood with hood vents, an upper and lower grille, rocker panels, and a rear spoiler.  All exterior enhancements were designed by Shelby American.  Badging that will identify the Shelby GT-H as the special vehicle that it is will be a Shelby C-Pillar emblem, rear Shelby letters on the trunk like, and a faux GT-H gas cap.

Hertz Rent-A-Racer Shelby GT-H 6

Shelby GT-H interior appointments include a commemorative dash plaque, a head restraint cover set, sill plates and special floor mats.  Commemorative badging extends to the engine compartment with an engine plaque and engine cap kit.

Hertz Rent-A-Racer Shelby GT-H 7

When the first Hertz rent-a-racer program was launched in 1966, Shelby GT-Hs were sometimes used as production class cars at SCCA events during rental.  Several vehicles were rumored to have been returned with evidence of roll cages having been installed.  Needless, the say, the program was an overwhelming success.  When the program was repeated again in 2006, it was also a success.  Shelby, Ford and Hertz should expect t the latest iteration of the legendary “rent-a-racer” program to also be a runaway success.



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