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How do you make the CTS-V Coupe more Bad Ass?

The Legionnaire by D3.

Updated August 3, 2012

For the past eight years, or so GM has been achieving great numbers in sales with their coveted brand Cadillac. Models such as the Escalade, SRX, XTS, DTS, and especially the CTS. The CTS model has maintained a strong second place as far as model sales are concerned. Number one, of course is the Escalade. Now in keeping with the CTS model, there are drivers out there who craved a little more out of their coveted CTS, and best believe they let GM know too. A little time had passed, some tweaking, and blue printing was done, and soon enough the CTS-V was created. Fast forward a few more years, and we are at, what some might say is the pinnacle of the CTS-V reign. Titles such as, Fastest Production Sedan in the World, and newly acquired records at the Nurburgring in Germany, have put the Cadillac CTS-V at the forefront of driving excellence. But what if there’s more to give? What if you were able to make the fastest production car in the world a little faster? What if?2012 CTS-V Coupe aka Legionnaire

That what if, was answered by a team of power enthusiasts, and their group is called D3. D3 specifically build engines for Cadillacs, and various other cars, but their bread & butter is their Cadillac division. Having the capability to take a stock GM Sigma 2 engine that normally resides in the engine bay of a CTS-V, and turn it into something that a Mack truck would be jealous of. They completed this feat of marvel, and called it The Legionnaire.

The Legionnaire, aka Project White was a joint effort project between D3, and GM to work on a select amount of the Cadillac V Series cars. The man behind D3, is James Gill, and his technological genius enabled D3 to CTS-V 2012 Legionnairepush forward with creating a beast of a motor that now can be special ordered through GM’s race department. The Legionnaire project consisted of a few secret things, that helped it become the monster that it is today. First off a 2012 CTS-V Coupe was procured from GM, and from that point forward all bets were off. The Sigma 2 motor was taken apart, retooled, remastered, and then was given specific power adders to make it more potent on the track, as well as the street. D3’s very own custom made super charger, dubbed the UltraCharger, coupled with a hand crafted Borla 3” exhaust system, the Legionnaire was now laying down rubber to the tune of 825hp. To make this car that much more insanely desirable, it achieves these numbers on E85/Flex Fuel gasoline. So, who would have thought that you can have more power than the average diesel Kenworth, and not have to clutch your heart with the thought of having to pick up the Premium gas nozzle anytime you stopped for gas?

The Legionnaire’s body kit consists of fiberglass lowered/flared chin spoiler, lower side skirts, extended rear fascia kit, dual center exhaust tip, and mean looking Carbon Fiber hood to add to the seriousness of the Legionnaire. Rolling stock for this ride are a set of 20” Matte Black Modulare M15 wheels, wrapped in very sticky Toyo Proxes. After everything is said, and done the Legionnaire promises to be a car that will keep the driving world on pins & needles, as long as the Cadillac name is involved. Who knows, maybe a Corvette could benefit from some D3 treatment.


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