The Lit Motors C1 Is An Electronic Self Leveling “Motorcycle-Car” That Could Redefine The Word Freedom

Published September 9, 2015

BMW once had an enclosed scooter. It was called the C1 and it didn’t go so well on the market. After selling only 10.500 units, production was ceased, but the idea about enclosed two wheel vehicles was not extinguished. After running a Kickstarter project for the small electric commercial Cargo Scooter, the small company Lit Motors announced a few years ago that they will create an enclosed two wheel electric vehicle which could transform the industry. Now, the motorcycle (or a type of car if you like) is in its final development phase and we can report that this thing might be a breakthrough we were searching for. Of course, we like cars, we love V8 engines and all about them, but when you really sit down and think about it, mankind basically makes a fire (refined burst of flames to be more precise), to make an explosion so it can move around. That is a bit primitive.


The technology for changing all of this already exists. We can harness the power from the sun, water, wind and nuclear fusion which could provide humanity with immense electric energy sufficient enough for every single being in the world. With it, the nature would be happy, we would be even healthier, life expectancy would be higher and we would still have extremely fun machines to play with. An electric car such as the Tesla Model S is only one example, and this wonderfully well thought out Lit Motors C1 is yet another.

Aluminum monocoque chassis on this thing is hybrid architecture between a motorcycle and a car. With it Lit Motors created an nice base for the installation of the most advanced propulsion and battery systems out there and the result is a rather short vehicle with one normal sports car seat inside and a whole lot of experimental electric magic behind it. So, right now it doesn’t look finished but Ryan James, from marketing department of Lit Motors, ensured us that all that electrical stuff will be scaled down and become basically miniscule, so the space behind the front seat could be used for the integration of the second seat or as a cargo space. We have seen something similar many times before and if we are to compare the C1 with anything than it would have to be the Renault Twizy that has two seats inside, is fully electric and fully enclosed. There is only one crucial difference – it is an four wheel car and this isn’t.

Utilizing the gyroscope technology the best way possible, Lit Motors succeeded to integrate two gyroscopes at the center of the vehicle positioned down below the passenger. Rotating up to speeds of 6.000 rpm, two gyroscopes perfectly stabilize the vehicle in such a manner that when it’s on it doesn’t need an extended arm to stay upright while stationary. It is reported that the torque these gyroscopes can produce is enough to keep the thing on wheels in upright position even after an SUV side impact. That is astonishing to say the least. Look at the videos attached and see for yourself what are we talking about here. As it is enclosed and as it is balanced properly, Lit Motors it trying their best to make this thing as car like as possible. That is why they are trying to enable the drivers to drive it without a helmet and only with a car driving licence. They are trying to sort out legal issues as you read. It could be done, no question about it.


Thanks to its powerful engine, high energy lithium ion batteries and low weight, it is reported that the C1 can hit 60 in 5 or 6 seconds. That is an astonishing time considering this only has two wheels and it isn’t exactly usually seen on the roads. More important than that is the C1 range. Reportedly, it can travel 200 miles on single charge.

Now imagine using a free Tesla supercharger network for this thing. As it has smaller batteries you could spruce it up in no time and since it can reach highway speeds of up to 100 mph you could basically go wherever you like freely. That is the freedom we want and we have to accomplish. This could be the future of motoring, no question there. We don’t know just how it looks, but it would be easier to park even than Twizy and it would behave a lot like a motorcycle, but it would be safe, reliable and cozy like a car. Please, make it!



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