The Lucra L148 Is The Next Superstar Super Car!

Everyone Wants To Get Behind The Wheel Of The Lucra L148!

Updated September 26, 2018

The Lucra brand has certainly outdone their own standards by creating the newest supercar out on the market, the Lucra L148. It seems like every rapper, musician, and a-list actor or actress wants to get their hands on the latest and most upgraded sports car out on the market right when it comes out. And with the Lucra L148, the company has created an impressive Bugatti that will have celebrities being placed on wait lists in order to obtain the vehicle. Lucra as a company is built on the highest standards when it comes to sports cars and with a resting introduction price of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, the newest car for the Lucra brand has obviously met everyone of their typical car manufacturing standards: sexy looks, incredibly fast speed, and being barely legal to drive down the streets.

Lucra L148 1

What Elements Make the Lucra L148 a Supercar?

With the amount of speed that the Lucra L148 can get on the road, the sports car can almost be confused for a superhero, not just a super car. The amount of horsepower in this vehicle is ridiculous–at seven hundred degrees of horsepower you can cover a lot of road and you can cover that road fast, at least over one hundred feet every two seconds going at top speed. To accompany the horsepower, there is a well executed body made out of carbon-fiber so that the Lucra L148 is completely and totally aerodynamic. The carbon-fiber body is actually made into one piece: as in the hood, trunk, and doors are all built as one unit. The one body unit is the part of the car that ensures stability, durability, and safety when going one hundred miles per hour down an empty road. Although, if you were to barely damage the Lucra L148’s body, you would have to pay to replace the complete body, which may be considered a downside to the otherwise impeccable vehicle.

Lucra L148 Interior 1

Final Thoughts On the Lucra L148

By having an engine set as the LS7 for the Lucra L148, the seven hundred degrees of horsepower is made possible, but the company and experts suggest not to go over five hundred degrees of horsepower due to the shifty past history of the LS7 engine. The Lucra L148 is built for speed and beauty, and there is certainly a level of sophistication that goes along with the inside of the car. The sports car comes decorated with the normal satellite radio, a GPS navigating system, as well as the most upgraded air conditioning system you could want in a car. These features definitely make an otherwise outstanding sports car more down to Earth and simple, which is a nice change from the decked out sports cars on the market today.

Lucra L148 Front

The Lucra L148 is a sophisticated sports car in the sense that it is simple on the inside, and even though the LS7 engine has proven to be a bit shifty, the car was meant for speed. The Lucra company did a great job handling the upgrade to the Lucra L148.

The Lucra L148

The Lucra L148 Side



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