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Manta EAV Concept

The Manta EAV. Water & Electricity DO Mix.

Published August 8, 2012

Who would’ve thought that water, and electricity actually do go together? I mean what comes to mind when you think about electricity, and water? Over flowing bath tub, and a plugged in blow dryer, or washing dishes next to a open outlet. Some real Final Destination type stuff, but I digress for a minute. So there is one mane who flipped that whole idea of how water, and electricity WILL mix.

Electric Amphibious Vehicle, manta A man that hails from Belgium, named David Cardoso Louriero figured out a way to put water, and electricity together, safely. He did this by creating an amphibious vehicle that solely runs on electricity. He took a chance with his design, by entering it in the Michelin Challenge Design competition, and basically hoping for the best. With his hands, and his intuitive design, David made a vehicle that has the look of a spy car, and the practicality of one as well. Well, minus the machine guns, and rockets. David created the Manta Electric Amphibious Vehicle, or EAV for short.

Manta EAV ConceptThe Manta EAV, is a three (3) wheeled vehicle that, so far is still nothing more than a rolling work of art. David has kept all the good information to himself, but what has been released is that, it does, and will run on two separate electric motors. One for each of the rear wheels. Now the Manta’s design reflects that of a boat, a small boat, but a boat non the less, and with that said this particular model unfortunately is a one manned vessel. Sorry, no wife, or kids on this one. So getting back to the Manta, upon looking at the pics of this stealthy beauty, you see the smooth lines from front to back. You pick up on the potentially open cabin space, that lies behind the windshield, and then when you step around the rear, you’re met with a sinister set of red taillights. Evil looking might be a better term. The rear wheels of the Manta EAV double as the propulsion for it, while it’s in the water. How, you may ask? The rear wheels are connected to small motors that rotate them 90 degrees, and the James Bond submarine style bladed wheels start to ease you forward on your journey through the waters ahead. Then all you would have to do is hit the switch to swing the wheels back to normal mode, to drive yourself back home. Sounds sexy doesn’t it?Concept Manta EAV

Well, unfortunately we would have to wait, and see if the Manta EAV wins the competition, and then receives the financial backing to even be built, let alone mass produced. I figure if Tesla, or Fisker were to get their hands on it, you would see the Manta EAV, popping up at ocean side villas in Miami, in no time. Well best of luck to you David, you made us believe that water, and electricity do go together.


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