The Maserati GranTurismo By Vilner Is Probably The Most Comfortable Maser GT Ever

Published August 1, 2015

Not long ago we’ve published an article about the Vilner tuned Morgan Plus 8. True, they did not tune it or make any technological or stylistic modifications to it, but they did improve the interior in many ways. As we found out before, Vilner is a Bulgarian car shop specialized in making a car’s interior a place of many wonders. Not only that they’ve made their way with that old Morgan, but they are well known across Europe for the creation of some of the most astonishing and amazing car interiors for many different vehicles including Mercedes, Aston Martins and all sorts of high end sports cars and luxury cars. Now, they have a magnificent Maserati Gran Turismo and the interior treatment they’ve done inside is next to astonishing.


As we all know the Maserati Gran Turismo is the finest representation of the Italian style, the wonderful beauty brought forth by the designers of Italian cars and a damn good sports car. However, its interior is a bit dated. Revealed back in 2007, this Maser definitely isn’t a modern car and the best way to know that is by looking at the interior which has that classic style adorned with many buttons and plentiful of parts sourced from the lesser models. That is exactly what Vilner wants to mask by upgrading every element in it with the best possible materials crafted by the best possible Vilner craftsman.


It is not by chance that Vilner is called the best car interior specialist in Europe. Their portfolio is really something special, but the whole process of creation isn’t simple. Vilner interior design specialists are going through a real hell when figuring out how to create the interior of a car. First of all, they have to think about the type of the car, the market where the car is going, how to meet potential customer demands, choose the right materials and finally chose the colors of all of it. When making all of these preparations it looks like the panel of experts is having a real brainstorming session. And we have to be grateful for that. Take a look at the pictures of the interior of this vehicle and bask in the greatness of fine leather perfectly entwined with red stitching and other red accents inside.


This is actually a 2007 Maserati Gran Turismo and Vilner had to change all the bits and pieces that felt a bit overused and didn’t look properly. That is why the leather on the seats is changed, the carpets are new and all the bits and pieces inside are perfectly crafted up to the specs Maserati itself cannot reach. Really, Vilner is capable of crafting such luscious interiors that they can be linked only with the most luxurious cars you can find out there.


The car they were working on is a 2007 model, powered by a V8 engine developing 405 HP. Mated with the paddle shifter gearbox, this car wasn’t only about sport but also about enjoyment and driving passion associated with grand tourers. The new Vilner Interior definitely gave it a much needed refreshment and with all of this precious leather inside the Maserati Gran Turismo is capable of being on top of the food chain for couple of more years for sure.


maserati-gran-turismo-vilner-05 maserati-gran-turismo-vilner-07


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