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McLaren X1 Concept 2012

The McLaren X-1. It Does Come In Black, Mr Wayne.

Updated September 19, 2012

Here’s a question for all of you avid readers out there in cyber land. What do you do when buying an 2012 Custom X-1expensive car out of a crispy clean, and posh showroom is a little too boring for you? You take your, “Money is no object” line of thinking, and then find creative section of McCLaren Automotive, and request something different.

Paul Mackenzie is the director of MSO, which stands for McLaren Special Operations, and he was approached with a task of creating something that was completely out of the ordinary. What he came up with, was the one of a kind X-1. Now technically this should have been dubbed as a McLaren X-1 due to it’s inner workings being comprised of a McLaren MP4-12C, but Paul wanted this vehicle to be it’s own entity. With that said, the X-1 has the heart, and soul of MP4-12C, but the look of a possessed, demonic car that has just pulled itself from the ashes of a futuristic apocalypse.

The very wide and sinister stance of this car, seems to eerily draw your eyes to constantly stare it, while X-1 Concept By McLarentrying to figure out how not to meet this car at midnight in a dark alley somewhere. The body lines of the McLaren X-1 are slightly reminiscent of the Batmobile drawings from the comics that were published from the late 50’s through the early 60’s. The simple, but yet geometric curves envelope this car from all angles, and sides, while two thin Chrome strips make their way from the lower front fascia all the way to the back of the very rounded tail sections of the X-1. Extremely large side vents almost seem pointless, if it weren’t so borderline scary looking, but then again the famous 615hp, McLaren 3.8L twin turbo-charged V8 engine sits in the back of the McLaren X-1.

2012 X1 conceptThe exhaust was severely modified to fit the body of the X-1, and still remain completely functional, as well as street legal. Much kudos were handed out when the doors were opened up to reveal the Blood Red & Black Leather interior, trimmed precisely with Carbon Fiber accents. The gauge cluster is comprised of a full colored LED, pods, that sit next to the center piece which is the 9,000RPM tachometer.

The McLaren X-1 is a stunning piece of mechanical artistry that belongs both in an automotive museum, as well as roaming the streets of Palm Beach Florida. Like I mentioned before the X-1 has a very menacing look to it, and one can only imagine what it looks like at night. There have been no numbers released as far as the cost of the X-1 is concerned. Either way, if money was no option when it came to building this car, what will the MSO Sector come out with when somebody else has a few hundred grand to throw around?       


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