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The Mercedes-Benz A-Class Redefines the Family Automobile

Updated September 29, 2013

Although it is yet to make its Hong Kong debut – that will only come later this year, the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class brings a new attitude and will generate excitement amongst car enthusiasts. Impressive outside features including sporty looks, a twin-louvre radiator grille, chrome accessories and LED lights and interior features including inviting seats will make please loyal customers and create legions of new fans.

The first thing that a motorist will notice about the A-Class is its superior engine performance. Models come with engines up to 211 hp that bring power and efficiency together. The A-Class can also come with a 7G-DCT dual clutch transmission for a more convenient and pleasant driving experience. A-Class drivers will benefit from Mercedes’ 50 years of experience with automatic transmissions that led to the development of the 7G-DCT, a dual clutch transmission.  These power transmissions enable a comfortable and more dynamic mode of driving. With the seven forward gears providing a high gear ratio spread with unnoticeable engine speed, drivers love the soft transitions between gears that enhance their driving experience

There is much to like about the new style equipment line of the A-Class.  Its modern twin-louvre radiator grille facing in the vehicle colour and brilliant wheel design will make onlookers stare in approval. Its sporty interior seats will keep drivers and passengers alike comfortable as they cruise the winding streets and long boulevards of Hong Kong. Car owners can choose from different interior features including the ARTICO/DINAMICA version, or even more extravagantly in RED CUT leather for added distinction.

Other interior sporty features include contrasting stitching throughout that will appeal to all car enthusiasts. All models come with the central media display which commands the entire communications features of the new A-Class. There is also a COMAND variant, which provides a 3D map for increased visual perception.

And what would a Mercedes-Benz be without an interior multimedia system that connects drivers and passengers to the digital world? The Mercedes-Benz A-Class comes with a map and audio function display that is available in sizes up to 17.8cm. The display that has a similar design to an iPad provides drivers with far greater flexibility and control than before. It integrates the smartphone and iPhone so that car enthusiasts always remain connected to the Internet.

Mercedes-Benz prides its latest generation A-Class as being the first automobile with a progressive diamond grille. Its dynamic look is enhanced by innovative pins that embellish the front of the new A-Class. Mercedes-Benz takes visual appeal to a new level with an urban equipment line which offers two-pipe exhaust system with oval tailpipes in chrome look give the new A-Class that prominent appearance sets a new benchmark for competitors to match. A-Class car owners can feel safe knowing that they’ll have enhanced visibility at all times of the day with an Intelligent Light System that includes LED daytime running lamps, LED indicators and LED tail lights.

The A-Class comes with the Attention Assist function for increased occupant safety. The Attention Assist function is very useful on long journeys and nighttime driving, by warning the driver upon detection of specific signs of failing attention and increasing driver drowsiness.  Through highly intelligent sensors, Attention Assist can detect any changes in the driving patterns and immediately alert the driver with visual and audio signals at speeds from 80 and 180 km/h.

And finally, as with most Mercedes-Benz car models, it provides potential car owners with the option of the exceptional AMG Sport line. Its painted silver chrome trim radiator grille already lets everyone know that this sports car was made for the road and that they are looking at the sports equivalent of the A-Class.


John Cheng is a writer passionate about Mercedes-Benz cars. He’s located in Hong Kong.



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