The Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG by IMSA Is A 730 HP Icing On The Cake For Anyone With Enough Dough

Published May 31, 2015

We have seen a number of impressive Mercedes G-wagens revealed lately and every one of them is an amazingly built machine (including the stock redesigned G-class). However, tuners of these beastly creatures were exceptionally active in the last few months (look at this modified beasts by Alpha Phoenix, Prindiville Design or Poseidon) and now, after all others took on the G-class, the German aftermarket tuner IMSA wants to give us icing on the cake. They’ve recently revealed their version of the G63 AMG and yes, it’s sick.


It seems that the G-class represents some kind of a test for tuners since every one of them is trying to make something special out of it. Honestly, with the monstrous V8 engine, turbochargers and everything it has, this thing is incredible right off the production line, but IMSA really wanted to make a statement with their modified version. Just by looking at it it is hard to figure out that is is not a Mercedes-only G-class. The only elements that expose its aftermarket roots are the carbon fiber features on the outside. IMSA officials stated that there are 16 uniquely designed  bodykit elements on the outside including “air inlets, both side front lips, clear cut wing enlargements, plated footboards, the new rear bumper and a new trim set.”


Really, similarly decorated exterior can be ordered straight from the factory, but you can’t order these nutz 22 inch wheels with 305/40R22 tires. This is something exclusively available in IMSA and behind the enormous wheels special IMSA shock absorbers are hidden. In comparison with the suspension setup on the regular G63 AMG, IMSA integrated new shock absorbers making the G63 a bit more of a an asphalt roamer than an off-road dominator.

The need for the integration of the new suspension is evident when you peek under the bonnet. IMSA did some serious modifications to the engine maximizing the output and  making it radically different than before. The changes were profound with the integration of the all new “IMSA turbochargers, a complete exhaust system with downpipes, sports cats and exhaust pipes and high performance charge air cooler.” Also, everything has been sorted out with the engine map optimization of the engine control device. The results are astonishing to say the least.


The IMSA tuned G63 has the power of the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. 730 HP and 764 lb ft of torque are enough to make the mighty G a powerful and serious performer which will not be intimidated by anyone. The stock car with an engine capable of delivering 571 HP can accelerate to 62 in 5.5 seconds and we have every right to believe that the IMSA tuned monster machine can reach the high fours.


While the engine tuning is the centerpiece of this beast, the changes on the inside are also worth mentioning. IMSA  tried to make the G even more luxurious by integrating soft leather covers on every surface they could lay their hand on. Also, there is a whole new infotainment control system between the rear seats which enables those at the back to enjoy entertainment, while the driver obviously has some better things to do.


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