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The Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG Coupe Mansory Is A 900 HP Monster From Another World

Mansory just went berserk in trying to create the ultimate S-class Coupe. Known for the creation of the most outrageous cars of the past years, the German tuner and producer of wonderful carbon fiber elements used by many car manufacturers all over the world, revealed the newest S63 AMG Coupe (they’ve revealed earlier the saloon). Just by looking at it, one thing is certain – this is a courageous attempt of creating a supercar based on a really large and heavy car.


As you might expect, the whole body kit is created out of carbon fiber. Stock bumpers, stock side skirts, the hood, fenders and the rear difusor were all changed. New elements definitely look like they are coming from the Mansory. Enormous intakes at the front and notoriously large rear diffusor tell a story about the performance. Considering that the S63 AMG Coupe is a two door beauty with an engine developing 577 HP all added sporty bells and whistles make sense. Actually, the 5,5 liter biturbo engine has been considerably tuned and improved in comparison with the one produced in Affalterbach, Germany.


Tuning the engine and increasing its power required a whole rebuild. Mansory magicians took it out, torn it apart and changed connecting rods, bearings, upgraded crankshaft and installed considerably bigger turbos. With the ECU software tweaks and all the additional improvements (including better cooling and new intake system), the enormous 5,5 liter biturbo V8 got the power matching that of the McLaren P1 or the Porsche 918. Yes, it develops exactly 900 HP and 960 lb ft of torque thus making it as powerful as the sickest sports car ever produced.


All the changes meant that the Mansory S63 AMG Coupe can achieve 62 mph in 3,3 seconds which is better than what you get from the most of the sports cars of today. Actually, with this car Mansory wanted to showcase a vehicle with supercar-like performance, but with the S-class level of luxury. The acceleration has proven that the heavy S-class can be as fast as the best supercars of today and the electronically limited speed of 186 mph (300 km/h) proves this further. Stepping inside, it’s easy to notice attractive carbon fiber elements installed instead of wooden details thus additionally accentuating the sports pedigree of the vehicle. Additional improvements inside include aluminum pedals, leather covered surfaces, new floor matts and new steering wheel.


Of course, all the elements inside can be customized and adapted to specific tastes. Basically, the sky’s the limit, both for the options in customisation and for the price.

Even though we showed the version with the most powerful 900 HP engine, Mansory actually offers a bit tamed down S63 AMG Coupe. With 720 HP and 812 lb ft of torque, the less powered car can provide a bit weaker performance, but you’d be faster than any M car and any previous gen entry level supercar nevertheless.


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