The Mercedes Concept IAA Literally Transforms Itself With A Touch Of A Button

Published September 15, 2015

This is an exaggeration of an aerodynamically efficient car. For the purposes of being as aerodynamic as possible, Mercedes created a car that can transform itself in something that isn’t actually that pretty to look at. However, you’ll be amazed by its ingenuity nevertheless. Also, this is possibly the only futuristic car that can hold a candle to the magnificent Porsche Mission E Concept.


First, the name! The Concept IAA does not mean what you think it means. In this case, the IAA stands for Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile and it is just that. It is the Stephen Hawking of the car world, as aerodynamic as an albatross and as automobile as it gets. This is the most aerodynamically efficient car at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show and if you saw it you’ll know it. However, it is not the most aerodynamically efficient car given that Volkswagen put the 0.18 Cd drag coefficient XL1 into a limited production before.


Volkswagen aside, this Mercedes has many features that were unseen on any other car. This thing grows. And it grows by more than 15 inches in length when traveling at higher speeds than 50 mph. By extending the rear end and creating a teardrop-like look, the Concept IAA can achieve better mileage and lower emissions. Of course, when this feature is used in the city, at lower speeds, actual advantages are negligible, but this vulgarity actually might work on the highway – autobahn.


It is an interesting concept for sure, but that is all that is – an interesting concept. Although the logic behind it clearly exists, it is hard to think of a car that could act like this and still be sold on the mass market.


With the length of the S-class (something like that), the Concept IAA features the distinct look of a four-door coupe. Without these “erected” parts, we may even think of it as a prototype for the new CLS, but Mercedes doesn’t see it like that. They see it as a perfect example of a luxurious car for the future and they don’t show their intent just through extrovert exterior features, but through the interior arrangements and sheer luxury involved. White leather with blue stitching and rich blue ambient lighting create a rather impressive ambiance on the inside. However, we can’t help but notice that everything looks a bit too artificial and sterile. Not that we are nitpicking, but if Joseph Kosinski is about to produce another futuristic movie, the interior in his cars would look like this. Somewhere in there Mercedes even integrated a special button dedicated to the Intelligent aerodynamic transformation. Let’s get back to it a bit actually.


Just to show to the world what is happening with a car when this thing is pressed (or when 50 mph is reached) Mercedes activated the system a few times at the Frankfurt Motor Show. There, people stood in amazement watching the wheels move outside, the front flaps widen, the front splitter retract, and the whole rear end grow by a lot. The results are awesome. Even though this is an exceptionally large car, the drag coefficient lowers from 0.25 Cd (without activated elements) to 0.19 Cd. Awesome to say the least.


With such aerodynamic efficiency the car doesn’t need any monster engine inside. A hybrid system developing 275 HP is used and despite its relatively low power, the thing can presumably hit 155 mph. Also, when driven very carefully, the emissions can go to 0,31 grams of CO2 per kilometer.


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