The Mercedes G-Class DMC G88 Is One More Sick G-class With The Biggest Wheels Imaginable

Published July 11, 2015

We have one more. The G-class is a bigger and better status symbol than any other. After we showed you a bunch of them in the past couple of weeks, now, in front of the whole Internet auditorium stands one more tuned G-class and this one is as yellow as it gets. Created to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the DMC tuning company in Hong Kong, this rather special G-class is slightly different than all others we have revealed.


The car was finished in bright yellow with black accents as contrast which made this G look rather sinister. DMC is well known for their outrageous tuning projects in which they accentuate the aggressiveness of a vehicle. This one is not different at all and it features black accents on key areas making the G-class look ever more aggressive than before.


As for the additional elements on the outside, DMC made sure that there is some carbon fiber on it. Basically, the bonnet is a full carbon fiber made piece with a large scope. It definitely redefined the main purpose of the vehicle. Now, the car looks a bit more like some sort of a rally car dressed in a body of a SUV. That is further highlighted by the installation of enormous 24 inch wheels. It is hard to imagine how were wheels of this size put on a car but, frankly, they don’t even look bad. The sheer size of the thing hides the gargantuan dimensions of the wheels and this made us wonder how far could anyone go with these wheels on the G-class. Mercedes also offers 22 inch wheels. Well, DMC already made the answer to that question public. They offer unbelievably large 25 inch wheels for the car they called the DMC G88. Again, this car certainly calls on for some sport. At the back, far above the ground lays a nice spoiler, apparently made from carbon fiber. The same is with the spare wheel case. It is also made out of that precious material.


Interestingly, DMC revealed a tuned version of the G300, but they have reported that the tuning package will be made exclusively for the G63 AMG (what else). By that, they are practically saying that the G88 will have the power to match its looks. Early reports suggest that with new pistons, connecting rods and bearings, the 5,5 liter V8 biturbo engine will develop insanely huge 700 HP. As we already know that the AMG engine can really be powered up to insane levels, it seems logical to assume that the clients will get as much power as they want.


Apart from tuning the engine and obviously the outside, DMC, for the first time ever, went into the cabin and made some changes there as well. Alcantara and quilted leather are trimmed out all over the dashboard, the doors and the steering wheel. Actually, the whole interior is updated and DMC plaque made everything ever more exclusive.


All in all, this is one more exclusively done G-class which will hit the garages of the richest people in Hong Kong. It is reported that only 5 units of this car will ever be made and we guess that every single one of them is already sold.




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