The Mercedes G-Class Facelift‏ Is A Mental Illness You’d Like To Have

Published May 6, 2015

As one of the best and most amazing offroaders, the Mercedes G-class is something to be admired to. The car has been in production, in basically the same shape, for more than 30 years and now, for the 2016, Mercedes is coming out with one more facelift of the thing. First we thought what in the hell could they do to it and not change the way it looks. The car had, literally, hundreds of subtle modifications and we can even say it had a several different generation coming out (although all of them were based upon the same architecture and the same structure).


The new generation received some not so obvious modifications, but the modifications the buyers will like the most. First off all, we all know that the AMG version of the G-class is one of the sickest and coolest cars to have and to drive. It is an absolute blast and because Mercedes figured out that they need to improve the sales of their lesser models, they tried to steer the things up by adding AMG wheel arches to all of the models in offering. Adding the wheel arches isn’t exactly the most innovative thing you can do, but we are talking about the Germans. They don’t shortcut anything. With restyled bumpers, again giving them a bit more that sporty stance and looks, the new facelifted Mercedes Benz G-class is certainly more in line with the insane G500 4×4² we showcased earlier.


It seems that Mercedes really wanted to get that show off factor even with the least expensive model and we can say they did it right. The off roader looks as a treacherous machine-animal without any moral codes or emotions. It is a cold blooded mountain conqueror whose off-road worthiness only a few will ever get to know. In accordance with giving it that angry and powerful look, Mercedes did its trickery on the engines too.


The G-class is available with all sorts of powerplants with the least powerful one being a G350d with a three liter diesel engine developing 215 HP. Now, the engine output is kicked up to 245 HP and to 443 lb ft of torques. As for the other improvements, the G500 now received the same engine it is in that sick G500 4×4². So, AMG GT sourced four liter twin turbocharged V8 is the engine garnishing the engine bay of the G500. Producing 422 HP and 450 lb ft of torque, this engine is something like the last outpost of civilisation before going towards the engines with AMG written on them. This “last outpost” is able to accelerate the enormous G-class to 60 in less than 6 seconds. Yeaaa, now think what would an AMG do with the thing.


Utilizing a 5,5 liter V8, the G63 AMG is one of the most unreasonable cars in history of the mankind. The engine is picked up straight from the race car and integrated into the famous off roader. The results are astonishing. With 571 HP (27 more than before), the G63 AMG is the thing that will get you everywhere and that will get you anything. However, we are not at the tip of this iceberg.


Please stand tall in front of the Gelandewagen powered by an engine delivering 630 HP. That is more than what you get in a Huracan, in a McLaren 570S, or in a Porsche Carrera GT for goodness sake. We would expect tuning companies to go this far, but no, Mercedes is the king here and they know what they are doing. With 738 lb ft of torque, this machine showed the new Bentley SUV that it had to pull really hard to catch the HPs the G65 AMG disposes with.


We cannot even imagine how this thing goes, yet alone, how it sounds.

We are sad, though. This might be the last lot of such unreasonable cars we love so much to be produced. The new G-class, which is due sometime in future for sure, will not have a similarly mental engine no matter what.


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