The Mercedes GLA 200 VATH Is The A-Class On Steroids

Published April 14, 2015

When Mercedes unveiled their newest A-class, the automotive world was somewhat skeptical about it. It had the looks, the stance and the feel of a luxury car but it had a major flaw – it was, and still is, a front wheel driven European hatchback. Some never forgave Mercedes for making such a blasphemy, but it worked and the customers wanted the Mercedes A-class like never before. Of course, the hatchback was only the beginning and Daimler sought to make real money with it by releasing a  small crossover based on it. The Mercedes-Benz GLA  (take a look at the maddest AMG version of it) made its way to the market and with just  slight changes, Mercedes succeeded to market the car which is only by a fraction more expensive to build than the A-class and sell it for much, much more money to the customers.


The Mercedes GLA received basically all the same as the A-class including the punchy, but small four cylinder engines. Some of the customers wanted a bit more change and these who were eager to help them were tuners. One of them is a German tuner VATH who made a small tuning program for the Mercedes GLA 200 which will make this small car a bit more unique and special than before.


It seems that VATH did not bother with the exterior looks. The GLA looks subtle, elegant, aggressive and totally refined  like any other GLA you might see on the German autobahn or on the German city streets. That is why we have to peek under the hood where all the magic happened. Unfortunately, the tuning did not provide the GLA 200 with a gazillion HP or with torque that could launch this car to 60 mph in 3 seconds, but it did provide nice, sophisticated enhancements that will be surely valued by the drivers and customers of this vehicle. First of all, the GLA 200 is powered by a 1.6-liter turbocharged  engine developing 156 HP and 184 lb ft of torque. That is enough for city car performance, but for something more serious power is the only answer. So, installing a V20 tuning kit, VATH engineers succeeded in improving the engine output, apparently lowered fuel consumption, and made the engine even more refined than before.


The changes that VATH did to the engine did not include installation of any additional equipment. With the cleverly thought software tweaks to the central computer, VATH engineers canned up the power on the 1,6 liter engine from 156 HP and 184 lb ft of torque to 184 HP and 228 lb ft of torque. They’ve did just that and with almost 30 HP more, the GLA 200 become a bit faster and a bit more eager to bite the roads.


Now, power increase costing $1.100 isn’t the only change. Actually, a few more HPs can be extracted by installing a stainless steel sports exhaust system for $1.800. VATH promises a power improve of additional 5 to 8 percent  which is rather amazing. With that the Mercedes GLA 200 could dispose with almost 200 HP, but that is just an unofficial prediction.


Additional equipment includes an upgraded braking system with steel flex tubes and Castrol SRF racing brake fluid, as well as even more advanced stainless steel axle back valve exhaust system ($3.000).



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