The most fuel efficient cars in China

Published February 23, 2011

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Industry News | CCTFebruary 23, 20117:23 pm

The price of fuel in China is hitting new highs with the recent nationwide increase on fuel that has seen 93# jump to 7.1rmb per liter in most parts of the country, thats $1.07USD per litre, perhaps those of us that have been in China for a while can remember the glory days of 3mb per liter.

In this age of high priced oil and austerity campaigns, we thought wed have a quick look at the most fuel efficient cars in China excluding hybrids, as they are generally priced high in the Chinese market owing to their technology and batteries. If we want to keep on motoring in 2011 and 2012 then were going to have to go small.

  • Smart Fortwo 1.0L 4.9L in extra urban conditions

Although the Fortwo is an import, it is the most fuel efficient car in China, you can buy it for just 111,500rmb for the cheapest model if need be.

  • Chery QQ 1.0L 5.0L in extra urban conditions

The QQ seems older than time itself as it was one of Cherys first sucesful car models that launched in 2002, the good news is that you can pick one up for just 33,800rmb if you want one. The 800cc is even cheaper, starting at 32,000rmb.

  • JAC Yue Yue 1.0L 5.1L in extra urban conditions

The Yue Yue is JACs latest model and also the most fuel efficient judging by the stats. The Yue Yue was also designed by a Briton working at JACs design center in Turin, Italy meaning it actually looks good.

  • BYD F0 1.0L 5.2L in extra urban conditions

The F0 is one of BYDs big sellers despite the companys sales drawbacks in the past few months. Styled heavily on the Toyota Aygo and shamelessly sold under the Ai Guo (love your country) slogan which seems rather too close to the Aygo name for comfort, either way the F0 offers fuel economy in a cheap package. Get yours for just 36,900rmb.

  • Riich M1 1.0L 5.6L in extra urban conditions

Chery make cars for everyone, and Riich M1 is for the person that wants a bit of quality on their life but at a low price. The M1 is yours for just 38,800rmb.

  • BaoJun Spark 1.0l 5.6L in extra urban conditions

BaoJun maybe the new name for Wuling but it is still selling the last generation of Chevrolet Spark under its own branding, the 1.0L model starts at just 34,700rmb.

  • Chevrolet Spark 1.0L 5.6L per 100km

The old Spark not cool enough for you? Get the new Spark! Its made in Korea and imported into China but its not pricey, starting at just 77,800 for the cheapest 1.0L manual model.

  • Geely Panda 1.0L 5.7L per 100km

The Panda is Geelys latest mini car, but it bucks the Chinese mini car trend by actually being a safe car with a 5-star crash test rating from the Chinese NCAP crash testing facility. Hopefully this will be the first of an excellent trend for small Chinese cars.

  • Suzuki Alto 1.0L 5.8L per 100km

The Alto has only just made it back into the Chinese market with the latest generation of Alto, its first model became a big hit with Chinese families who were out for a bargain when cars first became available for private ownership. The latest generation is built by Changan Suzuki and comes with a variety of engines and also gearboxes. It can be yours for as little as 44,900rmb.

  • Changan Ben Ben Mini 1.0L 5.8L per 100km

The Ben Ben Mini is one of the newer super minis in the Chinese market and quite possibly the best looking. The Ben Ben range was Changans first big winner for its self developed branded vehicles and has bounced back as its own range of cars in 2010. The Mini is also the cheapest model, starting at just 29,000rmb.


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  1. dragin says:February 24, 2011 at 1:51 am

    The controversial 1.1 liter Shuanghuan Noble, not mentioned, is rated at 4.2L/100km.


  2. says:February 24, 2011 at 6:51 pm

    increasing price of fuel is a matter of concern for every country. its nice to see a lot of fuel efficient vehicles. I wonder when cheap hybrid vehicles will be available.


  3. TheK says:February 25, 2011 at 6:03 am

    I wonder, how these numbers are calculated. Rolled the dice?

    Sorry, I dont believe these numbers. Chery should have made an engine far more efficient then everything else worldwide? Eh, except yet another Chinese company


    • TheK says:February 25, 2011 at 6:19 am

      as an addition some numbers: Only four companies use 4-cylinder engines in 3.5m cars here in Europe: Hyundai, Chevy, Renault and Ford. All of them use 5l, while the 3-cylinders are around 4.5l. The Suzuki is available here with exactly the same setup as one of the most efficient cars (4.4l). European ratings are known to be a bit optimistic, but even the German drivers, *really* not known to drive very efficient produce an average of around 5,3l with the Suzuki, while the 4-cylinder cars are above 6l. And now we have a rating, which does not only show no difference, but also has some 4-cylinder engines are being by far the best ones?


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