The Motorcyclists Christmas List: Off-Road Riders

The Buying Guide For Difficult Dirt Bikers!

Updated August 16, 2018

Off-road enthusiasts are tricky people to buy gifts for. Of course, there are always plenty of things that they need – like protective armor, specific bike parts, and things like that but that sort of stuff is expensive and usually best bought by the rider! Unlike other types of rider, dirt bikers are generally happy to make do with the bare minimum…which makes them tough customers. Fortunately, we’ve got a short list of interesting gift ideas to suit all budgets. Of course, don’t feel obliged to buy these products, and it’s always best to shop around to find the gift that suits you best – these are just ideas for you to riff around…

Gifts For Dirt Bikers 1

1) Oakley Proven MX Goggles – $70

Gifts For Dirt Bikers 2

Better goggles are definitely available but for the price, you can’t go wrong with this pair of Oakleys. The Proven MX Goggles come with a sweat resistant foam lining, clever venting, full UV protection, and a scratch resistant and anti-fog visor. They’re probably not the number one choice for die hard off-roaders, but they’re a handy spare to keep in the truck. As mentioned above, for $70, you can’t really go wrong.

2) Muc-Off 8-in-1 Valet Kit – $60

Gifts For Dirt Bikers 3

Strictly speaking, this isn’t a motorcycle product… but for some reason the bulk off Muc-Off’s great product range is only available for our friends in the UK. However, this bicycle product comes with some great features that any dirt biker would easily take advantage of. It’s a little pricier than some of the valet kits we’ve seen, but this one covers all bases. It comes equipped with a microcell sponge, a soft washing brush, a detailing brush, a claw brush, a two prong brush and a couple of handy cleaning solution – which are always in high-demand for off-roading, dirt bikers.

3) Fox Racing Legion Off-Road Jersey – $42

Gifts For Dirt Bikers 4

Riding jerseys are always great presents. Generally, they go through the wash a million times a year, and they take their fair share of punishment on the trails, so anyone who takes off-roading seriously will be more than grateful to have a couple of spare tops. Fox products are generally hard to find fault with, and this one has an affordable price and some great features too, including: vented sides, recesses for protection guards, and a breathable material. It’s going to be able to handle as much abuse as you can realistically expect it to resist, but even if it does wear out faster than expected, you can’t argue with the price!

4) Alpinestars Pro Coolmax MX Socks – $16

Gifts For Dirt Bikers 5

Socks for Christmas might not be the most original idea, but if your intended recipient is a dirt biker, then this could be a master stroke. Alpinestars have a great range of socks specifically developed for motorcross, featuring moisture-wicking and breathable fabrics, cushioning in all the right places, and added support and protection around the joints. They’re also designed to keep the feet cool and dry, and as an added bonus they’re also anti-bacterial and non-odorous. Which is incredibly useful…right?

5) Lever Key Chain – $5

Gifts For Dirt Bikers 6

A key chain might seem to be a bit of a pathetic present, but take a look at these: they’re the ideal stocking fillers and pretty damn cool too. As far as bike key rings go, they’re pretty different and they sure as hell beat the usual factory-logo key chains, or the standard bottle-opener kind. How about a motorcycle lever key chain instead? We’ve seen them priced as low as $3.49 and as expensive as $10, so make sure you shop around for the best bargain. At that sort of price though, you might as well buy two…

Bonus possibilities…?

If you’ve got the time to shop around, we heartily recommend a decent motorcycle strap kit for easy bike transportation. As I personally do not own a truck, I’m not the best authority to recommend the right sort of product for that kind of thing, but take a look online because there are plenty of options and packages to choose from. Decent straps make transporting dirt bikes a hell of a lot easier…


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