2013 Ferrari California

The new 2013 Ferrari California

Published March 31, 2013

Premium sports cars continue to amaze the general public with their distinctive styling and high performance. Ferrari is known to be on the top of this car market segment, where people don’t really think about facts or performance figures, yet they follow their hearts and passion. Once again, we have the California which is one of the latest premium cars coming from this Italian car masterpiece factory, which will definitely continue to raise people’s heartbeats and start many boys’ dreams about owning such a grand piece of mechanical engineering paired with art. This new car is all about performance and looks; and it manages to stay original to its roots while also breaking some established design norms.

2013 Ferrari California

The Italian Passion

Italy is home to plenty of performance super cars like Lamborghini, Pagani etc. The new 2013 Ferrari California follows this tradition by providing the buyers with an immensely powerful engine counting at 490 horsepower at around 8000 RPM. As it is with a lot of other modern supercars, this one also features an automatic 7 speed transmission which enables smooth and seamless gear changes without any jerk. In order to accomplish this, some serious engineering had to be implemented so that you might experience the finest of the automotive industry as long as you can afford this car, since it does cost about $250,000. For many of the true automotive enthusiasts, this is a car to store in your garage and gently cherish it over months to come by taking it for a ride every once in a while. It’s showing your success and passion for cars, which should be appreciated by any true car enthusiast.


The Classy Interior

The interior is as posh as always, featuring real leather, plenty of carbon fiber around the trim and space age technology. You can adapt the car’s stance on the go with the controls that are installed on the steering wheel itself. Everything inside the Ferrari California is focused towards the driver and it’s best to experience this car on your own, in order to really get connected with it. Along with the mechanical controls, there are plenty of in-car entertainment options, along with premium speaker systems which will provide you with best sound quality you can get in a car. The seat’s shell is made out of carbon fiber and can be adjusted for the best fit, which is important once you really get this car going around bends.


The Breathtaking Exterior

The 2013 Ferrari generation carries some new design philosophy and we’re now presented with smooth design lines, in contrary to the previous generations of boxy Ferraris. This makes the 2013 Ferrari California recognizable and if you decide to go for a red color which is almost exclusive to this brand, you’ll experience it in the best possible way. This car in particular feels a bit more friendly and understated in comparison with its competitors, but it’s far from a silent city cruiser. Once you put your foot down, it shows what Italian automotive engineering is all about and why many people desperately love these cars.




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