2013 VW Polo R WRC Street Edition

The New 2013 Volkswagen Polo R. Primed & Ready!

Updated October 15, 2012

Volkswagen announced that they were thinking about a new high powered hot hatchback to compete 2013 VW Polo Rwith some of what is either on the road, or at least coming to the roads of the UK. Their new street fighter of sorts would need to have more power, better handling, and look that much better than the competition. So, who would be the choice for this uneven 1 vs 2 battle? Enter from stage left the 2013 Volkswagen Polo R.




As I mentioned before Volkswagen has to contend with some pretty stout competition in the likes of Renault, and Peugeot. The Clio RS is a peppy little hatchback to say the least. With it’s turbo-charged 1.6L four cylinder engine that makes about 197hp, a car with that type of set up has it’s advantages. And in the other corner stands the 208 GTi, a very well rounded three door hatchback that seems to always be looking for a race with anyone who is bold enough to step up to the challenge.

VW Polo R 2013 Now we have the 2013 Volkswagen Polo R, who is set up to drive, run, race, and pretty much challenge these two competitors for the title of Best Hatchback in the UK. The VW team studied their opposition well, and then formulated a plan to remake, to remodel, to completely restructure the VW Polo so that it would be a very strong adversary to any, who would dare take the time to go toe to toe. First off the new 2013 Volkswagen Polo R was given a engine from the outgoing Mk6 Golf line that every good VW fan knows about. The patented, and loved 2.0L four cylinder mill that now has a nice sized turbo attached to it, thus making a very respectable 217hp, and around 189lb feet of torque. To help motivate the 2013 Volkswagen Polo R down the roads of the UK, will either be a five speed automatic transmission, or a six speed manual gearbox. Also joining the torque party will be a mechanical limited-slip differential, and optional upgraded suspension. Like it’s older brethren, the Polo R will come with the go fast, while looking cool trim pieces to complete the package in the eye candy department.

The 2013 Volkswagen Polo R, is a car that technically speaking, was never meant to be, but due to 2013 Polo R VWsome great promotional skills, and a lot of fan fare, the Polo R got it’s chance to shine. For the most part, Volkswagen has plans on releasing the Polo R in mid to late 2013, and is hoping that the market will primed for a decent spending spree. Pricing on the 2013 Volkswagen Polo R will be released when the actual arrival date is announced. 





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