New 4 Door Ferrari

The New 4 Door Ferrari Teasers Revealed

Is There A 4 Door Ferrari? Apparently So.

Updated September 15, 2018

Seems Ferrari is a little late to the game, but for this type of weird super business class four-seater exotic niche car trend that has produced the incredibly ugly Porsche Panamera, sexy Aston Martin Rapide and the badass Maserati Quattroporte. Ferrari seems to have sent out a teaser of what appears to be a 4 door Ferrari FF. Seems like such an odd ball Ferrari in the first place so it’s not too surprising that this hatchback is now a shooting brake. Being all-wheel-drive and now with little people doors on the back makes it appear to be the perfect car for your business partners as long as two of them are dwarfs.

Four Door Ferrari 1

It appears that they have elongated the chassis a foot or more and although the handling characteristics may differ we suppose that there won’t be much of a difference in lap times as long as you keep multiple fatties out of your FF 4dr. Since Lamborghini has been strutting their Anus, Urus or whatever the fuck it is means that we are getting more and more of these genetically mutated four door crossover vehicles that seem to try and cater to the “soccermom” with the penchant for making rounds at the Burger Ring (Nürburgring).

Four Door Ferrari 2

So far we have no specs of the 4 door Ferrari but it appears to share nearly everything of the coupe in terms of exterior styling and what we can make out is an itty bitty set of rear doors that will be somewhat cumbersome for adults to enter. Nonetheless this oddball Four-door Ferrari will likely sell in a few numbers and be a test model until they dedicate an entire vehicle to the 4-door Ferrari gods.


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