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The New Fiat 550 Italia by Lazzarini

Updated July 5, 2012

The Fiat 500 is far from being able to be called a sports car. Heck, the model is well known for its retro look and for the pleasant feeling that you experience while driving it. Not even the “furious” Abarth can pose a real threat for a luxurious sports car like a Lambo. But the proposition by Lazzarini Design for the Fiat 550 Italia can change those presumptions and make even some of the super cars out there “shake and sweat”.

As the name would point out, the Fiat 550 Italia is closely related to the model Ferrari 458 Italia. After doing some measurements, the Italian design house concluded that the tiny Fiat could accept a “heart transplant” from a Ferrari 458 Italia. Still the dimensions of the hood would suffer some changes, becoming wider with almost 30 cm so that the 4.5 liter V8 monster engine and it’s gearbox can be mounted safe and sound. Furthermore, the designers also included on the modifications list a beautiful roof-mounted air intake to cool down the roaring beast, a wide body kit, new bumpers, and a large rear wing that should keep the car pushed down and on the road, as there is enough power packed for a short lift-off the ground.

The engine power has been decreased from 562 to 550 horse power, a value that’s part of the name of the concept. To counter-back the propulsors mass, Lazzarini Design proposed to include on the front-bridge of the car a counter weight that would provide additional maneuverability. This tuneup would bring the weight of the Italian car to around 1,000 kg. At this time, the design house is searching for investors willing to support them and build a prototype. The price final expected price would be way higher than that of it’s younger brother Fiat 500 and reach around 550.000 euros.


It’s not a new idea to insert huge engines into small hatchbacks, but it’s a great one! “Strong essences are kept in small bottles” has to be the motto of those designers. Just think about how many times you have spotted a Golf GTI W12 or a V6 R. Clio rolling on the highway at tremendous speeds? Not that often, I presume, and what’s out of the ordinary surely is precious. If the sport version of the Fiat 500 will offer the same pleasant driving and maneuverability of the regular one, but will find itself backed up by the bunch of additional horse power just waiting to be unleashed, it will become an instant success.

If the team Lazzarini Design will be successful in finding a sponsor for their project, it will be interesting to see what how the Fiat 550 Italia performs and possibly see some well known super cars challenged by it? Over all we are looking forward to see the little Italian monster hatch out and start spitting some flames… in it’s cylinders of course!



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