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The Nissan X-Trail

Published July 15, 2012

The Nissan X-Trail is a model produced by the Japanese automaker Nissan since 2001. It was one of Nissan’s first crossover SUVs and was released about the same time as several other companies competing crossover SUVs car-based including the Suzuki, Toyota and Mazda.

All-new Nissan X-Trail is a perfect example of evolutionary change which will appeal to existing owners and new buyers alike. It might have a familiar look and a similarly broad range of abilities to its predecessor, but it features a new chassis and body, an expanded range of more powerful engines providing better performance and economy, more equipment, enhanced comfort and greater interior space than the first generation Nissan X-Trail.

It remains a hugely capable, compact SÚV with serious off-road credentials but has even greater levels of performance, ability and practicality that build on the strengths of its predecessor rather than aiming to be something completely different. There are three grades to choose from – TREK, SPORT and AVENTÚRA – and four engines.

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The compact crossover SUV, the X-Trail was introduced in 2001 by Japanese automaker Nissan. Featuring all-wheel-drive, the X-Trail also came with a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine. More than 50,000 X-Trails have been sold in the UK since its launch. Not only is it practical, but it was also capable both off road and on.

The X-trail utilized the Nissan FF-S platform was Nissan’s first ever crossover SUV. This vehicle was introduced at the same time that various companies introduced car-based compact SUV’s that included the Ford Escape, the Santé Fe Hyundai, and the Pontiac Aztek. The X-trail was sold in numerous countries that included Trinidad, Tobago and Herzegovina. The main issue with the X-Trail was its weakness in the engine. Though the Nissan badge has always stood for reliability, minor problems popped up. The main problems were found in the 2.2-liter DCI diesel. The diesel could be problematic, but it did provide the best blend of economy and performance.

The 2008 X-Trail was introduced in March at the 2007 Geneva Motor Show and went on sale in Europe later that summer. This version was 4630 mm in length was now based on the new Nissan/Renault Alliance C-platform platform.

Later on the Nissan X-Trail Adventure was unveiled and only available in Iceland. Two base editions were offered, the Sport of the Elegance. 29′ tires, reverse backup sensors, a towing hook, step plates and active headrests were included in the Adventure Edition. The X-Trail Adventure was priced between $50,000 and $54,000.

Currently the company offers the X-Trail FCV on lease to business, a hydrogen fuel cell model. The Nissan Rogue and the Nissan Qashquai replaced the X-trail. In Canada, Nissan removed to X-trail as of September 2007 to promote the new Rogue. In Latin America the second-generation X-Trail is sold alongside the related Rogue as of 2007.
A limited edition Nissan X-Trail Platinum is to be released in 2012. Only 200 will be made and will be equipped with special features not seen on any other X-Trail.



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