Lamborghini Aventedor Dragon Edition.

The Oakley Designed Lamborghini Aventador LP760-4 Dragon Edition.

This Is The Lamborghini Dragon Edition Aventador LP760-4 – Designed By Oakley!

Updated October 19, 2018

In recent automotive news, there has been another melding of the minds, and what came of this gathering was nothing more than a continuation of a previous great project. This time around the goal was to, not only to outdo their last project, but make it simply, more kick ass than before.

Oakley Design Aventador

Back in May of this year, two groups came together to design a car for the world to drool over, and for a few to actually own. The two groups were Oakley, and Refined Marques, and they decided that they needed to have their own customized Lamborghini, that would produce tons of shock, and awe. That goal was easily accomplished, and wouldn’t you know it the boys are back, and they have done it again with another head twisting, jaw dropping Lamborghini.

Oakley Design Aventador

For what it’s worth, the Lamborghini Aventador LP760-4 Dragon Edition, is a stunning car, but what sets this tuned version apart from any other severely tweaked Lambo running the streets? Let’s take a peak, and try to answer that question, shall we? Like most Lamborghinis that come from the assembly line, going fast is easy, but making it faster is the hard part. Just like in the LP760-2 the engine mods were the key focus on making the new Lamborghini Aventador LP760-4 Dragon Edition that much more special. First off, the air intakes were enlarged to accept a high flow of are into the engine, a lighter titanium exhaust was sourced for two reasons. One being the obvious, less weight (just around 8lbs), and the second reason being, that the new exhaust improved the power band, and made the overall sound of the motor, that more desirable. The next step was flash the ECU, so that the new enhancements would be accepted, and do all it can to help the motor, and hurt it.

Moving to the exterior of the Lamborghini Aventador LP760-4 Dragon Edition, we find that the Oakley team went ahead, and decided to nix the simple two tone paint job, and go with a new flashy look on their car. This time around the guys at Oakley, and Refined Marques simply wrapped their originally Matte Black Aventador, in a Light Chrome Aqua Blue colored vinyl wrap. This set the car off immediately, and soon there was no choice but to take pictures of this awesome looking machine. The LP760-4 Dragon Edition Lambo was completed with a few add on pieces, as well as some wheels to match. The wheels that sit snuggle are a custom set of HRE wheels that are said to be wider, and lighter than your standard set of Lambo wheels, and once again we find that fixed Carbon Fiber Wing mated to the rear of the car. Just about in any situation, a wing of that size seems to demand attention, as well as do the job it was made for.

Oakley Design Aventador 3

This newest version of the Refined Oakley marketing plan has bested its predecessor, and now seeks to be placed in the homes of only ten lucky owners. That’s right, this Lamborghini only has nine other siblings, five more than the LP760-2, and a few have already been claimed. No names were given of course, but rest assured whom ever gets these last few precious 760hp gems, will be very, very happy.

Oakley Design Aventador Dragon Edition


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