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The Off-Road Porsche 918 Spyder By Rain Prisk Is Another Kind Of Beast

Gone are the days Porsche relied on sports cars to make bank. These days, Porsche makes most of its money through crossovers SUVs. But, who ever thought the two were exclusive was mistaken.

Rain Prisk was way above the curve on this issue. The depiction artist sketched out his take of what a 918 Spyder would appear like if it was tailored for off-roading. Reasoning aside, we have to admit that it looks like a beast!

Contrary to what you may think, this is not out of the historical norm. Forget the Macan and Cayenne developed in magnanimous numbers by the German automaker. Original Porsche enthusiasts should be able to dredge up memories of 959 (918’progenitor) being made for Group B rallying. Keep in mind the same grouping carried impressive racing speedsters which included the likes of Ferrari 288 GTO, Lancia 037 and Ford RS2000.

However, this one resembles a different kind of monster. It’s leaning towards offering rock crawling as opposed to sliding across loose terrain. Don’t get me wrong. It looks quite attractive, especially with its huge knotted tires, and auxiliary lighting that holds onto the bumper by a hair’s breadth, the right dirt splashers, and of course, the swanky roof frame.



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