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The Only 1987 Volvo 240 With 1,000,000 Miles On It.

Updated October 22, 2012

Let me open this article up with the following statement. I would have never thought it to be physically possible to drive a car, let alone own a car long enough, to see the odometer roll over one million miles. Yes, that is what I said, and don’t worry, there’s a story coming to support that statement.

1987 Volvo 240 Just before the weekend cam, and went as quickly as it normally does, there’s a man who has achieved something that the average person could hardly ever come close to even thinking about doing in one lifetime. A man by the name of Seldon Cooper drove his 1987 Volvo 240 sedan to the local dealership for some scheduled maintenance, and in doing so coincidentally tripped his odometer into the realm of the unknown. His six digit odometer rolled back to all zeros, which basically means, he hit the unfathomable one million mile mark on his car. That’s 1,000,000 miles folks. When I first heard of this feat of automotive greatness, for a while I thought that it had to be rigged or faked somehow, but it is physically possible.

Now, the average driver would never have a car long enough to say that they would even put more than 300,000 miles on their cars. Simply because, cars that are being made, are no longer meant to last long. Cars are just bigger versions of computers, where either looks, or the technology changes every six months or so. With that in mind the 1987 Volvo 240, was a simple as it gets, when it came to making a car that would possibly last as long as this one did.

Since about the mid-2000’s cars had/have a six to eight year shelf life which normally makes them worthless at some point in time. So as a consumers, and drivers, we are subject to the thought that we are going to need a new car in about three to five years, or so. That thought process never entered Seldon’s head, as he rigorously followed a very strict, and tight maintenance regiment for his beloved Volvo.

Seldon Cooper knew that oil changes every few thousand miles were not going to be enough, in order to keep his 1987 Volvo 240 on the road. Fluid flushes every turn of the season were mandatory. Keeping a ready supply of parts such as, spark plugs, belts, hoses, and other interchangeable pieces were all kept in a safe place for when ever they were needed. One other major piece of information that makes this milestone a lot more clear is the fact that Seldon has had his motor rebuilt more than twice. It was said that, “If you love your car, and want it to run forever, then you have to be willing to do what it takes, to make it happen.” This type of car love is literally beyond measure, and is hardly ever seen. Now, I mean Jay Leno loves his cars, but none of them have a million miles on them, this semi-elderly man managed to not only reach a tremendous automotive milestone in his life, but also become the newest inductee to Volvo’s Million Mile Club. There has been one other person who has surpassed this huge number, a man by the name of Irv Gordon drove his 1966 Volvo P1800 very close to three million miles, (3,000,000) thus putting him in the Guinness Book of Records.

It just goes to show you great people that, anything automotive can be achieved with a lot of time, and

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“Making something out nothing is easy. Making it last is the hard part.”

persistence, anything is possible. I mean look at this simple man, and his Volvo, it’s humbling to know that you, or can do this if we really wanted to.


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