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Peugeot Onyx Concept

The Peugeot Onyx Concept. Onyx is a Man’s Best Friend.

Published September 11, 2012

In recent news auto maker Peugeot decided that they couldn’t wait until the 2012 Paris peugeot onyx conceptMotor Show to release, and reveal their new supercar, the Onyx Concept. The automotive world has been buzzing as of late, when it came down to the leaking of conceptual design photos, and then the drooling began. From that point forward there was no real stopping the onslaught of constant questions, and hypothetical answers that soon followed.

So here we stand, with not only a solid set of pics, but a rolling chassis, and some very brief, over the top, teasing advertising footage. My job on reporting about the ONYX Concept, thus far has been easier than normal, due to Peugeot keeping their lips sealed about any and most of the ONYX’s bio information. Speculations have the Peugeot ONYX Concept coming to the 2012 Paris Motor Show as a super hybrid of sorts. A dual drive train that consists of a potential 250hp engine, and then add that to a Lithium-Ion battery powered onyx concept by peugeotelectric motor, which together bring the overall (alleged) total power to around 400hp. Not bad, not bad at all.

The look of the ONYX Concept supercar is something straight out of PS3 video game. The Onyx Black, and Copper two tone paint scheme is something that Lamborghini should have thought of, but were too scared to pull if off. Extremely sinister lines creep from the very slender headlights, over the glass roof, and then tumble over the vented rear end. Where most likely the engine will be housed. Two small, and thin fins protrude from the doors, these will be the side view cameras, that will be a part of an elaborate safety system that the Peugeot ONYX Concept car will have. A wide body design will help this car demand the attention of anyone who just happens to be around it. The interior of the Peugeot ONYX Concept was designed to evoke the feeling of being inside of a rock quarry, a very docile, clean, and ultra savvy rock quarry. Instrumentation comes by the means of a full colored LED cluster, which sits behind the Carbon Fiber, Star Trek style Gamer’s steering wheel. This Peugeot ONYX Concept will be an awesome sight to behold come the 29th, let’s just hope that the actual Peugeot-Onyx-Conceptspecs of the car live up to it’s images.  

peugeot concept onyx


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