The Prior Design Mercedes-AMG GT S is an Epic Take on the World’s Newest Favorite Sports Car

AMG GT S Prior Design is everything you’ve ever felt the GT S was lacking

Updated September 17, 2018

Anyone who saw the new Mercedes-AMG GT S in person on the street next to any other vehicle can conclude only one thing – this is a nice looking car. Not only that, it isn’t so aggressive and in your face – there’s not a lot of extra bits on this car – not as far as the design is concerned, at least. It isn’t trying to bite you if you look at it funny (and you are going to look at it funny) and it definitely feels tamer and more positively charged than something like, say, a Diablo SV.

Considering that it is very obviously building on the shoulders of the SLS AMG, a car that was widely loved and adored, fans were a bit critical when the designs first surfaced for the GT S. Initially, a ton of gearheads were pretty upset that the design was neither angry nor pissed off nor foaming at the mouth as most expected. The factory car is really quite tame, actually. Luckily, the after-market got right to work with designing all sorts of tuning kits, aero bits, and everything in between to help doll the GT S up to what people thought it should look like.

While the Prior Design AMG GT S is not exactly menacing, it does look incredibly sleek and is absolutely stunning. Honestly, this thing looks stealthy as hell now thanks to the fresh bodywork and it even has a few tricks up its sleeve, too.

Mercedes AMG GT S Prior Design Front 3/4

This may come as a surprise to some, but this car is actually running on a widebody layout! The magnificently styled bumpers, splitter, skirts, and rear diffuser are so naturally integrated into the graceful body of the AMG GT S that it looks like you can get it like this straight from the factory. It seems that Prior Design wanted to create just a dash more engaging and more sinister version of the AMG GT S and as far as we can say, they’ve knocked it out of the park with this. We’ve actually already seen some of their work in the past with the likes of Audi and Ferrari, so it’s not exactly the first time Prior Design is creating something aggressive and sinister of a few-hundred-thousand-dollar sports car.

Mercedes AMG GTS Prior Design Rear 3/4

As expected, the Germany-based company deals only with top-grade materials. The compound used for the new visual elements is a Fiberglass-Duraflex mix. So, it is flexible enough not to get shattered and it is sturdy and hard enough to provide the best possible protection against all sorts of exterior influences. Its price will undoubtedly be extreme as the entire body kit is developed to provide all the necessary aerodynamic improvements in comparison with the factory AMG GT S.

Mercedes AMG GT S Prior Design Front View

In total, Prior Design designed and constructed eight new elements including the front lip spoiler, a new bonnet, front and rear cup wings, air vent inserts, widened panels, a trunk spoiler, side skirts, add-on spoilers, and an impressive rear air diffuser. More impressively, all the stuff can be easily added on any AMG GT S (and the AMG GT for that matter) without any modifications or transformation of the body. Every workshop will find this extremely satisfactory.

Apart from the impressive body kit, Prior Design didn’t provide any information about other improvements. The wheels are new, however. If we are on the right track, forged Prior Design PD3 Superlight wheels are in place here with new high-performance tires. As a refresher, the AMG GT S is powered by a top-notch four liter V8 developing 510 HP. It is capable of hitting 62 mph in 3.8 seconds and a top speed of 190 mph.

All in all, we must say that the AMG GT S Prior Design is an absolutely sublime rework of an already great car. While we do wish that performance had been tweaked in some cool little ways, there wasn’t really anything that absolutely required work anyways, so we can’t really fault their designers. Stock performance or not, I’d love to see one of this lurking through the city streets at midnight – what a sight that would be.


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