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Updated July 20, 2016

The Hennessey VelociraptorAs we all know, the Ford F150 Raptor has been on the road for quite some time now, and it has been making a pretty good name for itself while being on the road. Since it’s introduction back at the 2010 SEMA Show the general consensus about the Raptor was borderline enthusiastic. In simple terms many people took the Raptor as another attempt by Ford to rekindle the extinguished flame formally known as the SVT Lightning. This effort was so not going in that direction.

As it stands now, the Ford F150 Raptor has established itself as being a dominant force in the pick-up truck world, and even with automakers like GM, and Dodge trying to match the success that Ford has achieved, the Raptor is going to be solidified in it’s position at number one. Now what some people may notThe Ever Popular Ford SVT Raptor realize is how popular the Raptor has become. It’s not often that you come across a professional auto tuner the likes of John Hennessey who wants to get his hands dirty in the engine bay of the Raptor.

So now that the Ford F150 Raptor has damn near become the “Staple” pickup truck, what does one do to ensure that they are the master of their Raptor, and not the other way around? You would enroll in a driving class the completely embodies what it is to be able to handle your Raptor anywhere, anytime. You would enroll in the Raptor Assault driving course provided by Miller Motorsports.





The Raptor Assault school is the place where you hone your abilities to handle your truck, 2013 Ford SVT Raptorwhile becoming a much better driver. Miller Motorsports has been teaching people who are everyday drivers all the way up to 5 day a week, race car enthusiasts. To take it a step further, they work with Ford directly to also help in testing of certain undisclosed projects. The way the Raptor Assault school works is, a driver would be introduced to basics of driving, and handling. Acceleration, braking techniques, approach speeds, things of that nature. Pretty much this is all covered in Part , during the in class session. Part 2 consists of the physical introduction to the vehicles at hand, and this is where the fun begins. Drivers are then set off on a controlled custom built track that encompasses what the school is all about. One of the key starting points is low speed handling, and control. The third, and final step is to perform everything you learned, at a much higher speed. All of what you learned, will be displayed in front of the instructors, and from that point they will decide whether to let you go all out, or turn it down a notch.

After everything is said, and done, the certificates of diplomacy and achievement are handedRaptor Assault Training Truck out to just about everyone who enrolled in the first place. There are a seldom few that need to continue the course, but nevertheless they graduate in the end. For what it’s worth Motor Trend sent one of their star reporters to this training camp, and she enjoyed the Hell out of it. This type of driving school would be beneficial to just about anyone who wants to be a better driver. So, be sure to look up Miller Motorsports, and the Raptor Assault school, you will not regret that you did.  

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