The Rumored Ford Fiesta RS may become Reality for 2017

The Ford Fiesta RS 2017 Concept – Is It coming Or Not?

Updated October 4, 2018

The Fiesta RS was a concept that was mentioned a couple of years ago; but has not been made a reality as of yet. It is rumored that it could be available in the 2017 model year. The proposed Fiesta RS will bring the power available in a compact hatchback to a whole new level. The RS will be built on a similar platform to the ST with a 246 horsepower version of the 1.6 liter turbocharged 4 cylinder that is offered in the ST and is rated at 197 horsepower.

Ford Fiesta RS 2017 1

The Ford Motor Company has always taken pride in all of their performance based models that wear badges like RS and GT and the Fiesta RS will definitely not be an exception to that concept if and when it happens.

The new Fiesta RS 2017 will incorporate several features that are not common to small hatchback automobiles. The power plant will boast more horsepower then ever. The suspension and braking systems will also be upgraded to a higher performance level as well.

The cosmetic upgrades to the interior and the exterior will also be unique to the new RS. The upgrades to the interior and exterior are expected to be similar to those that were incorporated into the Focus RS.

The Ford Focus RS was developed with an AWD configuration; but this concept was not considered to be feasible with the smaller Fiesta. The Fiesta RS will be a traditional FWD model with enhanced suspension components to improve the performance and handing capabilities.

The future of the Fiesta RS is not set in stone yet; so it will be interesting to see exactly what happens. Small car lovers with a need for speed are probably hoping that this becomes a reality.

If the front-wheel drive Ford Fiesta RS does come to the US market it is estimated that the starting price will be approximately $25,000. similar to the Focus ST price range.

Ford Fiesta RS 2017 2

Ford Fiesta RS 2017 3



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