FRS v Cayman S

The Scion FRS vs The Porsche Cayman S.

Published October 23, 2012

FRS Scion 2012Over the past few months the world has been fawning over how great the Subaru BRZ & Toyota/Scion FR-S have become in such a short period of time. The two cars, which are practically identical twins, have done nothing, but wow crowds, and win the hearts of editors, and drivers just about where ever the cars can be driven. Now, as of last week C&D (Car & Driver) held a very spur of the moment comparison drive between the Scion FRS, and the Porsche Cayman S. So of course, any real car guy would say, that, that comparison is so unevenly matched that it’s border line ridiculous. The editors at C&D thought the same until they got in the FRS, and had at it.




Now as I go into this challenge of sorts, it will be revealed on who won, and main reasoning why. Already some2012 Porsche Cayman S of you out there are saying, “The Porsche won, hands down.” Well I’m not giving it away until it’s time to do so. First off the Scion FRS is a car that inspires great driving, and honors all of those that came before it. The all time classic AE86, and the Mazda Miata are two souls that were infused with this car’s very being, and for the most part it worked. The Flat Four Cylinder engine, mounted to one of the better RWD transmissions, on the market, enables this car to do what it does so well. The interior of the Scion FRS is that of pure simplicity, but fashionably sporty enough to allow it to be in a competition, such as this one here.

2012 Porsche Cayman SThe Porsche Cayman S is a car that any lover of German engineering can appreciate, but on the other hand, there are the power hungry tuners who never touch one of these cars. Any good car guy worth his weight in Gold knows of the smoothness of a Porsche transmission. Gear changes are normally effortless, and the car is always willing to give more than what the driver can offer himself. The sound of a Porsche Flat Six brings a smile to most men’s faces when they plant their foot to the floor of the Porsche Cayman S. And let’s not forget the very lush, and super posh interior of any good Porsche. Creamy leather, with accented double stitched trim lines, and wood grain finishes for those who can afford it.

So where does all of that great info put us? It lets us know that both of these cars are within their element, and each has a very strong chance of beating the other. Alas, there is only on winner, and it was the Porsche FRS v Cayman SCayman S. Now don’t get me wrong, the Scion FRS did hold it’s own up until, it had a tendency to struggle in certain areas. Areas such as in winding hill sections, and overall power. Which we already know, that the FRS’s main issue to date is it’s lack of power. That Flat Four Cylinder boxer engine that only makes 200hp, just seems to leave the FRS short of winning any major trophies at any given time. The power in the FRS, and BRZ are dieing to be boosted, but the problem has been how to boost without compromising the overall awesome driving experience you get from sitting behind the wheel? Nevertheless, the Porsche’s power pulled it past the FRS, and essentially not by much. Basically speaking if the FRS, had 45 to 65 more horsepower, it could have swung in the favor of the FRS.

We as drivers know a few things, like what is hot, what is affordable, what is a simple dream, and what is something tangible. For the driving world, a Porsche Cayman S, is a White Collar man’s get around choice of 2012 Scion FR-Svehicle, whereas the Scion FRS is the Blue Collar Special. It’s safe to say that two third’s of America’s drivers are of the Blue Collar working class, and would 7 times out of ten 10 would pick the FRS over the Porsche. There’s a lot more practicality that comes with the FRS, and all types of drivers can appreciate that quality. Not to say, that Porsche doesn’t have it, it just costs too much to obtain it.

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