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The SMARTFORSTARS Concept. At Least The Wheels Are Cool.

Updated June 25, 2014

It seems like the designers and financial advisers over at the Smart compound came together, and decided to throw their ever so popular SMARTFORTWO micro car onto the drawing board, and tweak it a bit. By this I mean hand it over to world famous auto tuner BRABUS, and basically let them have it. What came of this tiny merger was a great looking Smart car that even a Manly Man would be proud to own. 2012 Brabus SmartfortwoBRABUS is no stranger to tuning German vehicles, especially the likes of the SMARTFORTWO which is owned by none other than Mercedes Benz. (Betcha didn’t know that little tidbit.) So on this recent project, MB & BRABUS developed an EV version of their FORTWO vehicle and then made some well deserved improvements with it. First off the SMART EV’s power comes from a new and improved 30kW Magneto electric motor, which is pushing out a moderate 82hp, and 100 pound feet of torque. Those numbers aren’t that bad given what type of vehicle this is. BRABUS also made sure that the FORTWO would look like no other on the road, by setting the car off with a High Gloss Black paint job, and then breaking up the Black color scheme with a Green safety ring that wraps around the entire car. The front fascia, is no longer boring and drab, but now Matte Black headlight pods, lower skirts, and LED lights reside in the lower mesh grille inserts. Finishing off the exterior of the Smart Brabus is a set of custom 16” & 17” Gloss Black wheels which make this Smart look Genius. Smart For Stars ConceptAside from the recent partnership with BRABUS, some of SMART’s designers took a leap of faith with their bold new design. They call it the SMARTFORSTARS. Personally I still don’t get it, but it’s not my car. Anyway the overall look of the SMARTFORSTARS is that of an Autobot that never made the cut, but never the less is still happy about it. This FORSTARS version seems to have a look as if it’s going to start talking to you at any moment. The Candy Apple Red, and Matte Grey paint scheme is appealing at best, but it just makes this car look that much more weird. A set of 21” six spoke Gloss Black wheels with a polished lips, try to rectify what mistakes were made when the top half of the car was built. Can you tell that I really don’t like this car too much? Moving on, the power for the FORSTARS has been borrowed from the Smart Brabus mentioned earlier. Same motor, and just about the same power output. The main difference would be the those 21” wheels weighing a lot more than the BRABUS wheels, thus causing the driver to become that much more aware of the amount of juice which is left in the battery. The SMARTFORSTARS was/is a Smart 4 Stars Studyconceptual design that really had no business being made, let alone even be presented at the 2012 Paris Auto Show. Hopefully this car stays in it’s present form, which is strictly a rolling design that doesn’t find it’s way to the beginning of an assembly line.    


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