The Subaru WRX STI S207 Is The Ultimate JDM Car We Will Import In 25 Years Time

This special edition JDM STI will be the stuff of childhood wall posters in no time

Updated October 3, 2018

Our beloved Subaru WRX STI is not the only sort of a holy-grail-of-the-cheap-cars here. They love it for its value even in its homeland. The JDM always has some rather astonishing vehicles to offer with the JDM WRX STI receiving an increasingly large number of special edition versions lately. The latest, revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show, gathered the best hardware they could find and slammed it together on a car called the WRX STI S207.

2016 JDM STI in yellow front 3/4

Storming the Tokyo Motor Show, the WRX STI S207 is the best of the best. It was improved in every conceivable way with the exterior being the first to get the cosmetics. Exclusive for this model is the new mesh grille, larger front splitter, metallic side moldings and a new rear bumper. Adorned with more red details than before and shod in STI BBS 19-inch black alloys with 255/35R19 tires, the s207 STI really become a looker. It is a nice compact sedan with the heart of the Spartan soldier. That is what this thing is – a raw, yet highly capable machine created to attack any track at any given time.

JDM S207 STI Rear 3/4

The exterior mods were the least of the worries for the S207 STI’s creators. Updating the engine through the integration of the performance muffler which lowers the back pressure, they have created a bit more power. True, Subaru did the classic tuning job in house. ECU remap, along with modifying the twin-scroll turbocharger made the boxer motor ever so slightly more powerful. 328hp and 318 lb-ft of torque are on tap right now for 400 drivers to enjoy. Yes, only 400 units of the WRX STI S207 will ever be produced. 100 of them are destined to receive the NBR Challenge Package Yellow Edition in Sunrise Yellow. We almost do not have a clue what that means. Some sick coloring with nice yellow side sill plates and “especially special” S207 logo will adorn it apparently.

Subaru Impreza WRX STI S207 Front View Yellow

Of course, buyers will have some options too. The other 300 units are available with the Crystal Black Silica, Crystal White Pearl or WR Blue Pearl coloring options. We reckon though,  most of them will definitely go Black and Blue. Making this particular WRX STI even rarer than the Bugatti Veyron, Subaru had a tough job garnishing it with all sorts of unique stuff. They did so by reimagining the instrument panel, the engine switch button and with the Recaro seats getting the heating option. Now, that is some luxury right there!

Subaru S207 Internals

We’re not sure whether you need butt warmers! Yet, well-bolstered seats are a must have. So the engine is up, the exterior is more F&F than before and the cabin is finally a place you won’t feel uncomfortable welcoming your grandad in. The suspension is the last Subaru had to improve. And boy, did it!? Utilizing DampMatic II front suspension and its adjustable damping technology, Subaru becomes the first ever Japanese manufacturer to use the tech. With Active-Rear torque vectoring, as well as new higher grade Brembo brakes, the S207 STI jumped far above the average. With a setup like this it can fight the newcomers such as the Focus RS and sick premium compacts. However, only in Japan.

JDM STI S207 Interior

It’s always sad to see a car that we may never even get a glimpse of stateside, and the 2016 S207 STI is no exception. This special edition Subaru could be the stuff of childhood bedroom posters quite easily, but the main concern here is that, due to its exclusivity, nobody is ever even going to hear about it. Honestly, that’s the real tragedy. Still, we can continue to petition our favorite automakers for more cool limited edition cars in the hopes that one day, something like this immaculate JDM STI will find its way to some stranger tides. 2016 JDM STI S207 Accent Pieces


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