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S-Cross Suzuki

The Suzuki S-Cross Concept. The Forgotten One.

Published October 1, 2012

S-Cross SuzukiWith the 2012 Paris Auto Show now becoming another great memory for all of those avid car fans, and bloggers who love everything about cars, we turn to a name we haven’t heard too much from in awhile, and see what they pulled out for the show. The Suzuki S-Cross Concept is a car that was leaked just before the auto show’s opening day, but kind of fell to wayside due to it’s lack of interest by just about anyone who would bother stand around long enough, to even ask what it was.

The Pale Lime Green exterior of the Suzuki S-Cross Concept has a nice Earthy feel to it, where it sort of reminds you of the days when you were a kid, and you loved rolling down a hill of fresh cut grass. Well apparently that is what the designers of the S-Cross concept were trying to aim for in this one. Some nearby Suzuki reps speculated that the designers were aiming for a “nature in the city & the city in nature” type of feeling. It doesn’t make sense to me either, but what can you do? Now one the reasons why the Suzuki S-Cross Concept didn’t get much attention, was because the Suzuki reps didn’t have information to share about the car. No power info, interior spec info, not even if this car will become Suzuki S-Crossmore than a rolling sculpture. I mean, how long are you really going to stand, and look at a car that has no information, and it does nothing more than sit & spin around all day? (They didn’t even open the doors!) All we know is that it has a few good things going for it.

The Suzuki S-Cross Concept as it stands is shown with a nice set of 20” Chrome wheels, a very low, and angular roof line. Chromed air inlets that sit in the lower front fascia of the car, and they could possibly be for brake cooling purposes. The front grille is small, and very reminiscent of what a Volvo grille looks like minus the diagonal bar that goes across it. Headlights are most likely a combination of LED/HID technology, and other than that, that seems to be pretty much it.

The designers at Suzuki needed to have tried a little harder when it came down to accepting the final rendering of this car, and then going ahead, and building the Suzuki S-Cross Concept. I say that for a Suzuki S-Cross Conceptsimple reason. An automaker like Suzuki, that doesn’t come out with new products often, and is literally being left behind in the automotive market, should not be revealing cars that look like a tall Honda CR-Z, that sits on 20” wheels, and has a borrowed Volvo front grille with their S logo in the front. It’s simply not a good look, and to top it all off, all anyone can come up with as far as, what was the premise behind this car? They hit you in the head with the whole, “City in Nature & Nature in the City” bit. I would say they were sitting in the paint booth a little too long. Don’t expect anything much from this car, but maybe a potential new chassis platform, or something else along those lines.     




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