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The SWAT VW CC. So, Not Blending In.

Updated September 1, 2012

Here’s a twist on something that we as car people, and drivers might not know. What does the acronym SWAT stand for? Everyone would normally answer Special Weapons And Tactics right, well this is an automotive website, and it doesn’t have anything to do with weapons.

There’s a group of tuners who would normally remain anonymous, but this time around they had to put their name out there, simply because the car that they worked on SWAT VW CCwas that damn hot! The tuner group SWAT, which stands for Special Wagons And Tuning decided to get their hands dirty, by messing with the engine of a 2012 VW CC. SWAT is a collection of tuning experts that normally deal with the stance, looks, and luster durability. In other words, they take care of your suspension needs, how much your stands out from the crowd, and how brightly it shines during it life on the road.

The SWAT VW CC is a brand new project that the team took over, and then proudly displayed, like a new born baby. For the most part the tuning of the car was kept to minimum, and majority of the focus was based around the looks. As far as the looks are concerned, the SWAT team wrapped the VW CC in a Blue, White & Grey camouflage foil style wrap, and then moved on to the next step. After slathering their name, and style all over the sides, and roof of the car, they dove back into the project by adjusting the ride height of the car. The CC received a brand new set of custom cut, and shortened coil-over springs, sway bars, Poly-urethane bushings, and a crispy new set of 20” wheels. The tires of choice are a set of four Dunlop 225/35ZR20’s, which provide a ton of grip all the time.


The SWAT VW CC’s tuning didn’t necessarily stop there. As I mentioned earlier there was some tuning done to the motor of the CC. (Allegedly) Well from what we have found out, some unnamed parts were bolted on the VW CC, and this I’m talking about a supposed CPU Flash, new cold air intake, and a matching exhaust system. After it was said VW CC SWAT2012 SWAT CC VWCamo CC SWAT 2012Vw CC Camo2012 Vw CCand done, the total output stands at 280hp. Not bad for a European spec VW. For what it’s worth, the 2012 SWAT VW CC promises to run a great advertising campaign for the SWAT team. With its completely unconventional “Camouflage” look, and killer tucked wheel stance, this car begs for attention. There’s no denying how much further this project will propel the status of SWAT team. Hell, I’ve already pushed the “Like” button.


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