Toyota AE86. Drifting Legend.

The Toyota AE86. Godfather of Drift.

Updated October 20, 2018

Who among our readers know of the world of Drifting? How many of you out there have taken the time to sit down, and watch the Formula D Championship series? Turned up the volume, and enjoyed the plumes of smoke that billowed off of the tires that were screaming bloody murder. Well, here’s what. Do any of you drift enthusiasts know what car was, and still is the Godfather of drift? The Hachi-Roku, aka the Toyota AE86.

The Toyota AE86 is a peppy little 2dr car that was brought to the world for many reasons. For one, it was a means of simple transportation for most, and a secret weapon for others. The streets, and mountain roads of Japan became the stomping grounds for the Toyota AE86. Being that it was a RWD car, drifting it was inevitable. The forefathers of drift found that its light weight, and high revving motor, not only made Tofu deliveries a joy to behold, but made racing down the mountains of Japan a new thrilling, but also dangerous pass time.AE86 Toyota, Drift King

Dorinkin aka Drift King, Keiichi Tsuchiya honed his drifting skills in the one and the same Toyota AE86 for years. Capitalizing on the sharp corners to use the all to famous drifting techniques, such as the “Clutch Kick”, “Feint Drift”, and the “Power-Over” technique. His way with the car helped carry drifting to the heights of where it is today.Toyota AE86, Formula D Series

The Toyota AE86, though over 25 years old is still wildly popular among tuner enthusiasts, and potential drifters everywhere. It shares a popularity spot with the Nissan 240 SX, as one of the most sought after drift cars to date. The AE86 is even sold on Ebay for those who are looking for it. What it all boils down to is, you have to give respect where it’s due. The true Godfather of Drift IS the Toyota AE86, aka the Toyota Corolla, aka the Levin Trueno Sprinter, aka HACHI-ROKU!!!!


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