2015 toyota tundra pro series

The Toyota Tundra Pro Series Wants To Play.

Updated November 23, 2014

Here’s a vehicle that we sort of glanced over, but now we figured, “Why not?” Today we’re going to briefly look at the 2015 Toyota Tundra Pro Series. Now keep in mind, this truck was released quite some time ago, and a lot of us missed it, but let’s just take a quick peek, and find out if it was worth it or not.

 OK, so Toyota apparently had been feeling a bit left out of the truck games being that Ford GM/Chevy and Dodge were toyota tundra pro serieshogging all of the glory, and fame via commercials, contests, and whatnot. There just seemed to be no room for a humongous full sized truck to play in the sand box with the rest of the kids. Well Toyota decided that if Ford can build a Raptor, GM can build a pig nosed truck called the Reaper, and Dodge has their Power Wagon, then why can’t we make something just as good? Enter the Pro Series. Now, for all of you out there reading this know that timing is everything in life. How long it takes you to get to work, or get dinner ready, or be on time for a date right? Well, Toyota’s timing for the release of this new series couldn’t have been worse. They release this new series of trucks, directly after they announce that sales have been low, and they’ve decided that they were no longer going to produce FJ Cruiser. That sucked to find out. I mean the FJ was my second favorite SUV after the Gen 1 Nissan Pathfinder. Another point was, Toyota’s truck line was slumping hard, so much so that the, Camry and Corolla sales were basically picking up the slack for the loss.

 So the 2015 Toyota Tundra Pro Series comes with the same equipment that the rest of the team comes with. You’re gonna find more TRD badges than you know what to do with. Bilstein Shocks with remote reservoirs, tuned front springs with decreased dampening, and a 2 inch lift for dealing with the rough terrain, skid plates, TRD dual toyota tundra pro seriesexhaust, Black 18 inch wheels wrapped in Michelin ORP tires, and a few other TRD goodies that actually don’t make this truck go any faster. Now let’s keep it funky people, this is nothing more than a good reason to make the truck team feel like they’re doing something great, as well as make the design team stop neglecting the trucks all the time. Now, if you were paying attention like I was, you would notice that there really wasn’t a single mention of power being boosted, or amped, or even upgraded. You see, this is why we look into things deeply before we jump in, and say, “Shut Up & Take My Money!!” Look, Toyota had a lot of people on their side back in the 70’s and 80’s with their LandCruisers, and such, but it seemed like all of that off-roading prowess fizzled away, and was redirected in to making trucks more luxurious, as well as ridiculously huge. Here’s what, this new Pro Series stands to make some money, but don’t count on it making a world of difference in it trying to shake up the standings of who’s going to be the future ruler of the sand box.


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