The Trion Nemesis Should Be A 2.000 HP Hypercar But We Doubt It Will

Will the first American Hypercar ever see the light of day?

Updated September 10, 2018

This is the first American hypercar! Yeeee! Or is it!? The first time we saw this little thing in the picture was in March of 2014 when Trion, an unknown US supercar startup, showed their vision of the ultimate supercar which they named the Nemesis. No one thought they were serious, really. How could anyone when they’ve announced a supercar with a nine liter engine, eight cylinders, a couple of turbochargers and a power output of 2,000 HP?! C’mon, even Koenigsegg isn’t quite up to the task of creating such a ferocious machine despite being run by the magician Christian.

Trion Nemesis in Orange Front 3/4

Nevertheless, one-and-a-half years later, the Trion Nemesis is back and one of our favorite rich vloggers Salomondrin finally gives us a walk around the real Nemesis car. That’s right, it exists – it’s not only a virtual exercise. Now, it became a true concept car, but it is still so far away from the production and you can see that even just by looking at this concept vehicle. It looks a bit like it needs some TLC. Nevertheless, Trion made it and now we are waiting for them to fulfill their promise and bring the production version to the world’s stage.

New details are rather comprehensive. Trion revealed that they are planning to produce two different versions of the car – the RR and IS (with the RR being the all-wheel drive version). Also, the designers are looking to create the best possible aerodynamics ever seen on a sports car. We can clearly see black painted aero elements such as the rear spoiler, side skirts and some elements on the front side. All of these components will be active. Even the driver will be able to activate at a touch of a button thus making this thing like Transformers-level cool.

Trion Nemesis Side View 1/4

Regardless of that, for what we can see now, the Trion Nemesis isn’t the best-looking thing around, is it? True, it is aggressive – it has the stance of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie Predator – but beauty isn’t exactly what it has in spades. Some even reported that Trion designers were inspired by the McLaren P1 when designing this thing. Not that they’ve copied anything, but we can definitely see some influence at the back.

Trion Nemesis Rear 3/4

Apart from active aerodynamics (they went so mad about it that they are looking to remove outside rearview mirrors for good), now we know that the Trion Nemesis will have a top speed in excess of 270 mph, the 0-60 mph time for their most potent version will be around 2.8 seconds, while all the power will be channeled to the wheels via an eight-speed sequential gearbox. The theory sounds more than pleasing, but the question is, can they actually make this thing happen? We’ll have to wait a bit longer for the answers, but up until Trion finally puts one of these things on the track, we can enjoy reading what they are planning to do.

Trion Nemesis in Blue Rear 3/4

Obviously, the performance and the carbon fiber exterior panels tell us this will be a far cry from a cheap car. The top-notch version, the Nemesis IS, will cost $2.2 million with $600,000 actually representing 2 percent of the company. Yes, if you buy it, you’ll own a share of the company. Of course they sell the Nemesis RR for $1.6 million, but in that case, you won’t be getting that stake.

Trion Nemesis Rear 3/4 Black

More than 100 units are planned to be produced. Production should allegedly start in January 2016 and Trion aims to produce 100 units of the Nemesis GT (a convertible), 50 units of the RR and a few units of the IS.

Obviously, we are rather skeptical of this thing actually coming on the streets in 2016. The goals are set so high that even Bugatti would have problems reaching them, but then again, small companies can often surprise. We hope we’ll be surprised by the Trion Nemesis when it hopefully appears on the streets in the years to come.


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