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The Trucking Survival Guide

Updated September 11, 2013

Driving a truck for a living can be a really rewarding career, but this is not without its challenges. Whether you are thinking of starting a career as a truck driver or you are the owner of business that relies on trucks to deliver large amounts of goods, this post has been created to make sure the journeys taken are as comfortable and safe as possible.

Check your Truck Before you Set Off

Whatever distance you are travelling, it’s always best to do a few important checks to ensure it will remain safe and functional throughout the journey. From checking tyre pressure to oil and water levels, make sure the essentials are looked at before you hit the road to avoid any nasty surprises later on.

Choose the Right Truck

If you are looking to replace a truck within your fleet or add an additional vehicle you should always consider what it will be used for in order to help you choose the right make and model. There are many different trucks available in a range of sizes so be sure the one you choose can meet all of your requirements. If the driver will be sleeping in it, make sure it has a comfortable cabin with room for them to lay their head and get a good sleep before continuing the journey as this can seriously affect their attention on the road.

Buddy Up

There are many reasons to take another team member on journeys, from helping with loading and unloading to taking the wheel from time to time and simply just for company on longer journeys. If you are planning a long journey in a truck, taking another person can make a massive difference to productivity and safety so it’s highly recommended to go in a pair rather than driving solo.

Prepare Food

This may sound a little silly, but if you don’t take a few healthy snacks along for the journey you could find yourself living off fast food throughout the journey. Before you start out, take a few snacks such as fruit, nuts and cereal bars to avoid stopping off so often for those unhealthy alternatives.

Check Up on Your Planned Route

On the day of the journey, it’s advisable to check the route you plan to take and see if there are any possible hold ups that could affect you. This way you can be prepared for any road works beforehand and research alternative routes to take to avoid being stuck in traffic.

Make your journey in the truck as smooth as possible by checking the vehicle beforehand, choosing a suitable buddy within the team to join you, preparing a few healthy snacks to have in the cabin and checking your route in advance.

Sophie works alongside used truck provider Fleetex and has learnt that a comfortable and safe driving experience can be easily achieved with careful planning.




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