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The Volkswagen Golf R Wagon Wolfsburg Edition Is The Best Any Golf Can Possibly Be

See here how Wolfsburg sets their Golf R Wagon apart from the rest

Unfortunately, wagons aren’t really hot here, but in some parts of the world they are a huge success. They are actually so successful that manufacturers tend to produce their hottest cars in wagon form, which lead to us receiving some seriously sick RS6 and M5 wagons as well as some of the most amazing Mercedes T-model cars over the years. Now, however, we will not go that far into the stars. Imagine the Volkswagen Golf R Wagon with a 300 HP engine, four-wheel drive and magnificent tech underneath to keep everything in check. This is the Volkswagen Golf R Wagon Wolfsburg Edition and it was created exclusively for Australian roads.

Although the car itself isn’t that different in comparison with the one from before, please take a moment to really look at the stunning pictures provided by Wolfsburg. Yes, they have been photoshopped to the extremes, but these pictures are just the business. If you’re in need of Golf R Wagon wallpapers, this is the place to get them. Regardless of it, the Wolfsburg Edition brings a few interesting touches in the world of the Golf R. First and foremost, this car isn’t as incredible as the pictures might suggest. It is fast, it is the best Golf, it is the best Wagon, but it is also just a hot cheap compact car that has some elements which are far below the level of true sports cars. The Wolfsburg Edition Golf R Wagon definitely tried to correct some of them so this Australian Golf Wagon R received a plethora of interesting additions. Basically, everything Volkswagen can possibly integrate in the Golf is in here. Apparently, the only thing optional is the panoramic sunroof.

If you don’t actually get what Golf can place in it, we will try to help. Special 19-inch wheels are making the Wolfsburg Edition, well, look special. On the other hand, the carbon Nappa leather upholstery, a blind spot monitor system, front assist with city emergency brake, smart cruise control, an incredibly complex but easy-to-use infotainment system and fabulously perfect transmission are there to remind you that you are in a car produced by the smartest people in the world. The fact that Volkswagen has a workforce of 40,000 mechanical engineers is enough to make you wonder what kind of interesting stuff can they come up with. This Golf R Wagon is only one of them and we have to like it, no matter what.

In comparison with the Euro-spec Golf R, this one for Australia only has a two-liter engine with 280 HP (the Euro car has 300 HP). That is enough to make the Golf run the 60 mph like a supercar from 30 years ago. And yeah, you can have five people inside with all their gear in the boot and all their whims satisfied thanks to a plethora of incredible modern equipment. For goodness sake, the Golf will have gesture control infotainment in a year. C’mon, this car is something like the future for compact cars and it’s simply great.

Apart from additional equipment, the Wolfsburg Edition Golf R Wagon is differentiated from the other “normal” Rs by black Pretoria 19” alloy wheels, black door mirror covers, black roof rails, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), front assist with City Emergency Brake (City EB), proactive occupant protection system, Blind Spot Monitor with rear traffic alert and Wolfsburg crest badge as a final touch.

While there are certainly a number of haters to the Golf R’s case, we think this Golf R Wagon Wolfsburg Edition will be enough to sway some of those that say this car is a waste of money. Not only is it refined and spacious, but pretty damn quick and it looks good doing it.

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