The Wait is Almost Over: Jeep Announces Wrangler Pickup Release Date

Published March 14, 2017

Does it ever seem like the Jeep Wrangler gets a whole lot of attention given that it has been largely the same for decades? Especially now, with Fiat Chrysler America designing a new model of Wrangler, it seems like you can’t glance at a rack of car magazines without seeing a few Jeeps. People seem extremely interested in a fairly simple, somewhat outdated, large 4×4.

And there is a great reason for all of this: the Jeep is the most American car you can buy. You can argue that muscle cars and big Cadillacs are truly American, and you’re not wrong, but the Jeep doesn’t rely on nostalgia. The Jeep is a big, tough, reliable off-roader than is part SUV, part convertible, part work mule, and all style. You will see them from Rodeo Drive to the driveway of an actual rodeo.

Credit: Chris Doane Automotive

As awesome as they are, Jeeps don’t offer a ton of variety. The Unlimited gave customers the ability to add four-door versatility to their trusty trail rigs, but there was still something missing. Since the Scrambler stopped production, Jeep fans have been chomping at the bit for a new Jeep pickup.

Credit: Chris Doane Automotive

And luckily for all of us, the wait is almost over. Earlier this year, FCA announced that they would be switching more of their assembly lines over to American factories. This will take a bit, but we now know that we will see the Jeep Wrangler pickup in 2020 for the 2021 model year.

Credit: Chris Doane Automotive

The wait is a lot longer than most people want, but I am glad that they aren’t just throwing a hacked-up body onto an Unlimited frame and calling it a day. This new pickup will not only be a great addition to the Wrangler lineup, but a great truck in its own right.

Credit: Chris Doane Automotive

The new Wrangler will look, of course, just like the previous generation save for some small styling changes. The body may become more solid, with the roof covering much of the roll cage. Improving aerodynamics and cash test ratings are pretty crucial for keeping the Jeep Wrangler modern.

If you really can’t wait, there are a few (very expensive) conversion kits for the current Wrangler that can give you pickup versatility. 2020 seems a long way off, but don’t worry; there are plenty of great cars coming out between now and then that can keep you busy!


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