The Worlds Top 10 Gas Guzzlers

Updated September 28, 2013

Rising fuel costs have prompted many people to try to compile their own lists of the vehicles that use the most fuel. This can take a lot of work, even with help from lots of different automotive websites. If you are concerned about how much you spend each month or year at the gas station, steer clear of these ten options. These models don’t just suffer from poor fuel efficiency; they also feature super-sized gas tanks that drain your wallet to fill up.

1. The DB9 From Aston Martin

This sports car won’t surprise anyone with its high fuel costs. It is categorized as a mini-compact vehicle, which means the EPA has classed it as smaller than both sub-compact and standard-compact cars. The tank in this very small car holds a full 21.1 gallons. This will cost you nearly $80 with gas at a national average of $3.75 at the pumps.

2. BMW X6 M

The X6 has received poor reviews on practically every feature, including its oversized gas tank. The 22.5-gallon tank will leave you with a fuel bill of $85.

3. The Sport From Range Rover

Full-sized trucks and athletic SUVs always top lists of the least fuel efficient vehicles. The Sport burns fuel up very quickly. The 23.3-gallon tank will need regular refilling, cutting into your monthly budget significantly.

4. Bentley Mulsanne

Anyone who can afford the Mulsanne from Bentley won’t be concerned about the cost of fuel. The breathtaking design and 505 horsepower engine makes it worth spending about $95 to fill up the 25.4-gallon tank.

5. The G55 AMG From Mercedes-Benz

The G55 AMG ties with the Mulsanne at the $95 mark for a fill up. This tank of an SUV weighs at least twice as much as the previous vehicle, making it use up fuel faster as well.

6. Rolls-Royce Phantom EWB

If you save up to buy the Rolls-Royce of your dreams, try to avoid using it for the daily commute. The 26.4-gallon tank will take over $99 to top up.

7. The Veyron From Bugatti

Few vehicles can put out the sheer amount of power that the Veyron manages to offer. Drivers can top 250 miles per hour, but a $99 tank of gas will only last 12 minutes at the top speed.

8. Ford’s E-350 Wagon

With space for 15 passengers, filling this full-sized van up could be affordable if you split the cost with other riders. If filled with the same premium fuel as required by the other vehicles on this list, the 33-gallon tank would cost $124.

9. The F-150 SVT Raptor From Ford

The F-150 is a popular work truck, but the SVT Raptor edition is designed for racing. An optional 36-gallon tank will keep the truck on the track longer and costs $135 for filling.

10. Chevrolet Suburban 2500

The 39-gallon tank on the Suburban 2500 is the largest currently available. However, this massive tank is justified because the SUV only gets 12 miles to the gallon.


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