The Yamaha R Car. The R Line Has A New Member, Maybe.

The Yamaha R Car Is A Concept Study That Could Revolutionize Yamaha!

Updated October 17, 2018

Yamaha R Car Price

Introducing The Yamaha R Car Concept

For the most part Yamaha has stuck to making musical instruments, kitchen appliances, boat motors, recreational vehicles, and some other small projects that they took the time to place their name on. To say the least Yamaha has always kept themselves busy, with their motorcycle department. In all reality, I can’t even call it a department, for the reason that making motorcycles has always been Yamaha’s bread & butter. Their R Series line of bikes, has been making great strides in not only the sales department, but also doing what they were meant for, winning races.

Yamaha R Car Price

As I mentioned before, Yamaha has joined forces with a man who is a designer by trade, and he goes by the name of Albert Rosello. Albert’s history of being a designer for the most part is unknown, but what he has come up with in the lines of designing a potentially hot, and sexy car for Yamaha is truly breath taking. The new study, or project vehicle will be dubbed the Yamaha R Car. We are unsure of where the “R” comes from, we just attribute it to either being a nice way of thanking Albert, or it’s simple extension of the Yamaha R line.

Yamaha R Car Price

All that we know now is that, it has actually been made into a rolling chassis for photos, but it hasn’t been fully tested, when it comes down to producing real world specs. The supposed theory behind the Yamaha R Car is, “A supercar with a superbike soul”. The term sounds good, but it’s a little misleading. Further speculations about the Yamaha R Car is that Rosello is aiming for an extremely light car that will weigh no more than 2,400pds, and will push out close to 900hp. This would be fantastic if it were humanly possible. There have been some close contenders who have tried to pull it off, but the cars still tip the scales over 2,500lbs. Well, we look forward to hearing more about this new automotive endeavor from Yamaha. Best of luck, and Godspeed.  

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