These Wide-Body Ferrari 458 Renderings Are Making Us Hot

Who Wouldn’t Want A Widebody Ferrari 458?

Updated October 3, 2018

Ferrari. Whisper the name in public and ears will perk up. Faces will turn toward you in eagerness. The Italian supercar maker has an aura that few in the industry possess. It often sets the bar for performance, but styling as well. A Ferrari is often a car best left untouched so as the years pass the styling goes from innovative to iconic.

Widebody Ferrari 458 1

Not every Ferrari ends up in the hands of a millionaire who thinks of a Ferrari more as an investment than a tangible thing that can excite the senses. There are those out there who see Ferrari as near perfect, but still a pallet of opportunity to create something unique.

Tuners and modifiers wrench on Ferraris as they would any other car. The Ferrari is not irreverent, as some may be shocked to learn, and they have been diced and disassembled and then reassembled.

Widebody Ferrari 458 2

The trend hitting the tuner scene today is wide-body kits with a wicked stance. Liberty Walk, which has a hold on such Italian creations and has made a name for itself at the annual SEMA Show, has made wide-body kits on Ferraris infamous. Well, some new renderings from artist Vladislav Luzin looks to give Liberty Walk a run for its money.

These renderings of a gold widebody Ferrari 458 makes us a bit warm around the collar. Luzin held nothing back with his creation. He did not just bolt on some fender flares and a wing. Oh no. Luzin added a whole new front fascia with a splitter kissing the ground. At the rear, a massive diffuser plays well with the aluminum uprights for the audacious wing.

Widebody Ferrari 458 3

Will ever such a creation become reality? We are doubtful. We are also helplessly hopeful. Renderings like these make us excited that no car is off limits. And while some may feel taking a Ferrari to the cutter is blasphemy. As blasphemous as it may be, we cannot help but want this in our driveway.



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