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This 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle is the Essence of Personality

Lucky Costa’s 1966 Chevelle is a Mechanical Representation of Himself

Lucky Costa, from Hot Rod Garage, is a well-traveled mechanic who has helped a lot of people from the USA to Germany get back on the road. In 2012 he purchased his 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle and began restoring it to his own personal specification.

He bought the car from Calin Head, a staff writer at Hot Road Magazine. Calin’s father had originally bought the car in order to do a build project for the magazine. Lucky parted with $5,500 for the rolling project. He put a low mileage 6.0 L truck motor under the hood that he bought for $1,000. While the engine is mostly stock, he did change the cam and added a set of MLS head gaskets and ARP head bolts. The engine is kept cool by a pair of Spal fans and a BeCool radiator. The build also features an impressive Holley HP EFI, clocking in at another $1,800 or so, which then works in conjunction with a touchscreen display in his car allowing Lucky to change tunes on the go.

The lack of carpets and insulation results in a pure driving experience where the only sounds are raunchy exhaust notes and squealing tires. Lucky wanted to build a car that was true to his personality and that’s exactly what the ’66 Chevrolet Chevelle is. As enthusiasts, our cars represent ourselves, and Lucky’s Chevelle is no exception.

Lucky gained a lot of experience when he traveled to Frankfurt, Germany, where he worked on Camaros, Mustangs, and even Chrysler Pacificas for soldiers who lived on the nearby army base. Lucky had the knowledge required to keep these cars running away from American soil. During this time, he was funding his eventual return to California where he would build this one of a kind muscle classic.

With the money he made from working on soldiers’ cars, he built the Chevelle, which he continues to enjoy to this day. He built the car on a budget using his own know-how, resulting in a car that really reflects some solid character.


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