This 1968 Dodge Super Bee Has a Secret

There’s More To This ’68 Super Bee Than Meets The Eye

Updated September 27, 2018

At first glance, this 1968 Dodge Super Bee looks like a true-to-the-original restoration, but it has a secret that may surprise you. When the pedal gets pushed to the metal, this vintage vixen can do a ten-second quarter mile with speeds upwards of 126 mph.

'68 Super Bee 1

Since the original ’68 Super Bee didn’t have that kind of get up and go, it’s safe to say there have been a few modifications made to this car. The thing is, even upon a close inspection, everything looks pretty stock from the standard 1968 gauge panel to the Group 27 Mopar battery. So, how is that type of performance possible?

'68 Super Bee 2

The answer to that question doesn’t lie in a substance like nitrous; it sits out of view in the places like the trunk and glove box. You see, this Super Bee has been reworked for drag racing, but you’d never guess just by looking. Despite a dummy battery beneath the hood, the real one lies in the trunk with wiring that passes through an empty Chrysler ECU box all the way to an MSD 6AL in the glove box.

'68 Super Bee 3
The surprises on this 1968 Dodge Super Bee don’t end there. The real key to this bee’s speed is in the 572ci Hemi. On the outside, even that doesn’t look so impressive, but owner Rick Callahan and builder Dave Dudek outfitted it with a Crower crank that increases the stroke to 4.5 inches with Diamond pistons sitting in bores to match the size.

'68 Super Bee 4

This mix of purist elements and modern tech arose because this Super Bee was originally put together by Dudek for Pure Stock racing, which only allows cars that are basically in their original states. When Callahan purchased the car from Dudek, however, he had plans to race in Drag Week, which is far more forgiving of modifications. Although Dudek originally found the idea ludicrous, the pair have worked in tandem to create this surprisingly spunky machine.

'68 Super Bee 5


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