This 1970 Boss 429 Is an Original Dragstrip Veteran

Published July 8, 2015

Despite have clocked over 10K miles on the drag strip, this 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 429 is an original vintage wonder. Nancy and Andy Eszenszky, the owners of this particular Mustang, picked this racer up at a deep discount when it was new because Boss 429s really weren’t too popular when they came out. Even Nancy was a bit disappointed at first because the Mustang was advertised as a mid-12-second car, but its best time when they first took it to the track was closer to mid-13.


The Eszenszky’s, however, were serious about racing, so they promptly made some improvements to their Boss 429. Within days, the Mustang sported new Sanderson headers. Soon after that, the 429 also had 4.57 gears, a Detroit Locker, and new Henry’s axles. Andy tried racing it again in Orange County with 11×14 Marsh Gold Diggers, managing a far better 12.48 at 110 mph.


The couple eventually contacted Mickey Thompson to help beef up their Boss 429 even more. For $250, Thompson sold them a dual-quad tunnel ram, a Joe Hunt magneto, and some O-ring head gaskets. Then, the Eszenszky’s swapped out the hood for another Mustang one they located in a junkyard, cut a hole in it to accommodate the tall intake and equipped their 429 with the rest of the parts they bought. When they raced again at Irwindale, the Mustang ran 11.79 at 118 mph.


The tunnel ram, however, didn’t work so well off the track, being hard to see past. Soon, the couple opted for a 950-cfm Holley three-barrel and replaced the original hood. The Boss 429’s performance went back into the mid-12s, but the couple didn’t have as much time for racing, so it didn’t matter. In fact, they barely drove the 429 after 1984.


The 1970 Mustang Boss 429 still remains in the Eszenszky’s possession and starts up like a charm. As Nancy notes, “we kept the Boss, with its nice original paint and interior. It stands proud on its well-worn 10-inch M/T slicks, and has racked up only 12,457 miles after all these years.”


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