This car is a turkey. Sorry, this car is from Turkey

Published April 5, 2015

When you think of countries that manufacture cars, Turkey doesn’t come to mind. But Turkey is manufacturing a sports car and has a small EV in development.

Turkey’s first sports car, with the unfortunately pharmaceutically-sounding name of Etox, went on the market in that country back in 2007. And now the builder turned their attention to developing a home-grown EV.



The Turkish designed and manufactured Etox Zafar sports car

First let’s turn back to the sports car. Designed and manufactured in Turkey, the company claims that the Etox Zafar has a maximum speed of 115 mph and hits 60 in a leisurely 13 seconds. Hardly McLaren territory, but it’s a start. Power comes from a 125 horsepower 1.5L four-cylinder Renault diesel (see, there’s your problem).


Turkish entrepreneur Ercan Malkoc, manufacturer of Etox Sports Car

Just so you don’t think the company is trying to slip a kit car past you, they’re very proud to share that “a designer, two mechanical engineers, an aircraft engineer, and 20 technical engineers worked in the production process of the Etox which received the ERT40 automobile license given by the Turkish Ministry of Industry & Trade in 2007.”

Sound like they’re pretty serious.


The Etox EV in on-road testing. Note the common headlight treatment between the sports car and the EV.

Now Turkish entrepreneur Ercan Malkoc, manufacturer of Etox, said that the first fully Turkish-made electric car is in development.
Malkoc said the new electric Etox will be able to reach a top speed of 75 MPH with a range of 155 miles. The small EV has a targeted retail price of around $20,000 US.

In case you’re wondering,  “ETOX”, stands for Erteks, Turkey, O for automotive (in Turkish), X for indefiniteness and eternity. But I’m guessing you already figured that out buy now.


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