This is the Fastest Car in the World 2013

Updated July 28, 2012

Edit: this on paper is the fastest car in the world for 2013


We have all seen the amazing Bugatti Veyron turn a work of art into a 1001 horse power mega monster, then came the SSC Ultimate Aero that I thought was a Lamborghini Diablo Kit Car for a few years, yet hit a top tested speed of 257 miles per hour.  So the Germans French answered back with a not so elegant looking Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. This Veyron replaced chrome with Carbon Fiber and boosted the engine up just a little bit, say a Toyota FR-S total engine power of 200 ponies making a ridiculously awesome 1200+ ponies plus made it as aerodynamic as possible setting a average speed record of a fucking mind boggling 267.8 miles per hour. So theoretically you could drive the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport from Los Angeles to San Diego in about 26 minutes! Or you can take a poor person car that would take you two to three hours. Not gonna happen cause tires would melt after you ran out of gas and a BMW would pull out in front of you while the driver talked on his cell.


Fastest Car in the World 2013 Rival

So owning the title of fastest production car in the world equals sales in this performance based pissing contest and like most rivalries we as Americans won’t let no god damn kraut frenchie beat us in a straight line otherwise we get butt hurt. So in order to maintain the Merican way of life we have, once again SSC (Shelby Super Cars) is coming to the rescue with a new ride that can’t be mistaken for any kit car. The 2013 Tuatara is the car that is suppose to bring back that wrestling belt. The SSC Tuatara is probably the only car that you can’t make your Honda Civic resemble with a shitty body kit. The SSC Tuatara is a jet fighter that has had its wings clipped so it can’t go airborne. The look is phenomenal and if you like carbon fiber and IKEA then you are going to love the inside of this millennium falcon. Fastest Car in the World 2013


Fastest Car in the World 2013 Predictions

The 2013 SSC Tuatara is being showed off and getting orders placed and although it hasn’t broken the speed limit of a county road yet it is showing results through dyno testing such as the ability to reach its top speed of (projected) 275 MPH through an Aluminum Twin Turbo V8 that supposedly churns out 1350 BHP. My question is even if they can get these numbers out of this engine that supposedly redlines at 9200 RPM’s, where prêt ell are they going to test this rocket if the Bugatti Veyron had to be tested at the Volkswagen test track; because I doubt they are going to let SSC use their facility to try and beat the car owned by their company. So if you have the answer then please share it with the rest of the class. Fastest Car in the World 2013


What’s Next For The Fastest Car in the World 2013?



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