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This is the Maxxus V80

Published April 17, 2011

In 2018 China Car Times was acquired by Autowise. This article originally appeared on

The Maxxus brand was born from the ashes of bankrupt UK van maker, LDV. SAIC bought the IPR and rights to the van (but perhaps not the logos and branding) in mid 2009, SAIC launched the Maxxus brand in China several months ago but did not show any products as of yet the new vans will get officially unveiled next week.

The below pictures show the new Maxxus V80 in short wheel base and long wheel base form getting ready for the Shanghai Auto Show. The vans will be made in China and will likely be a major rival to SAICs IVECO range of products. Engine power comes from 2.5L, 2.8T, 3.2T and 3.5T diesel units, but SAIC is expected to offer a petrol engine for certain cities in China where diesel engines are frowned upon. Gear pushing is handled by a gearbox sourced from Hyundai.




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